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Saturday, September 14, 2019

As promised I am going to show you my plate rack redo, but first I got a surprise in my garden.

If you have been reading my blog this summer you know that I have been unable to get any tomatoes from the two tomato plants that I planted in May. 

Between a human tomato pilferer and the pesky squirrels all of my tomatoes were taken.

This went on all summer, but I think the squirrels are busy collecting nuts for winter now and the pilferer was sternly warned off by management.

Now on to the plate rack.

I love my blue and white transferware, and originally this is how the plate rack looked from my chair in the living room. 

This was actually the only photo I could find of how it was done, and it was definitely not staged. You can see my market cart in the background and my glass and napkin on the table.

I enjoyed looking at it, but I have been changing things around and I wanted more of a farmhouse look for fall and winter. 

I also wanted to use some of my antique white ironstone china.

I love the antique tequila bottle.

I found this bottle hidden in my Great Aunt Rose's china cabinet, which was in her bedroom. My grandmother gave me the china cabinet and its contents in the late 1970's when I was making my first home.

Aunt Rose passed away in 1960. She lived with my grandparents and owned half of the house and their business. The funny part is that my grandmother was a member of the temperance league. They didn't exactly get along too well. 

It looks like it says Tequila Laura. Hmmmm!! Maybe that is why I was Aunt Roses's favorite.

A rustic basket, the white ironstone, a brown transferware plate, plants, the bottle, and a whisk broom all add to the farmhouse look. 

I'm liking it's fall look.  


  1. I love this type of little skinny plate racks; it looks great all the time.
    I have one in my kitchen that I arrange seasonally.
    Love your blue transferware as much as your white antique.

    1. Thanks, Fabby. I love them both too. Wish I had more display space.

  2. Love love love this Laura. Such a beautiful mix of textures. The stoneware and the plant and the texture of the basket are perfect.

  3. Your little home is looking good! I had a brown and white transfer ware platter I found at an estate sale years ago, but sadly it got broken. I loved that platter. We have to display what we truly love in a small space.

  4. We do, Brenda. There just isn't enough space for everything.

  5. Your tomato looked some summertime. I love that plate rack. You did a fine job redoing it. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  6. It really does look Fall like.. love the brown transferware too.. and always love white pottery pieces. That's a funny story about the Tequilla bottle.. makes you wonder what Aunt Rose was up to! I have a "teacup rack" in my bedroom but have often thought how I would like to paint it white and have it in my dining area with plates on it as there is a little indentation at the back from the teacup saucers. I have such a thing for china plates, etc. which I'm sure I inherited from my mom and aunt! Your home looks just lovely too by the way. Marilyn

  7. Thank you, Marilyn. It's fun to have something to decorate that I can change up if I want. Aunt Rose was a very independent woman for her time. She never married, and did what she wanted. I wish I could have known her longer. I was only nine when she died. She was my grandfather's sister and a thorn in the side of my very prim grandmother.

  8. SO happy you found your tomato, Laura. What a gift. Your apartment looks very, very lovely. Here's to a good week for both of us! Yippah.Susan

  9. It looks lovely, Laura! And to be framed by the plant is perfect!

  10. Your plate rack looks great Laura. Thank goodness you got one tomato. Happy the thief was spoken to.


  11. What a sweet story about your Aunt Rose. You found the perfect place for your plate rack. Btw, I think that that is the most beautiful tomato I have ever seen!! Enjoy your week, sweet Laura.

  12. That's gorgeous! And I love the story about Aunt Rose. When I saw your comment over at Cranberry Morning, I could not resist visiting a blog named Simple and Serene Living--that's exactly what I'm always aiming for.


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