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Thursday, August 29, 2019

For quite some time now I have been telling myself and anyone else who will listen to me (that would be very few people outside of my grandchildren, and I am beginning to get a sneaking suspicion that even they tune me out) that I am not moving furniture anymore.

It goes something like this. "You are too old to move furniture, Laura. Too old, too old, too old." 

After a fairly sleepless night I finally decided at 6 o'clock Tuesday morning to give up the ghost and just get up. 

I apparently had an epiphany in the night because I woke up with the urge to move my antique desk. I also apparently forgot that I was too old. 

I had already moved my suitcases to this wall. I love them here.
When the movers sat my desk down four months ago I knew that it was a bit too far to the left, but I was too tired at that point to do anything about it. Instead I just filled it up with books, and closed the doors. 

For four months I have looked at that desk with an upside down smile on my face. So I started out my day by emptying everything out of the desk. Hopefully, whoever lives in the apartment below me is deaf because I know I wouldn't want to hear that so early in the morning. 

After making a huge mess in my dining area I knew I was going to have to leave it to go to water aerobics and then on to senior day at a really nice Goodwill I found in Buckhead. 

If you aren't familiar with Atlanta, Buckhead is the old money, high rent, chi chi section of the city. In other words it's where the rich people get rid of their good stuff when they grow tired of it so poor people like me can come in and scoop it up.

By the time I got home and saw the big mess I had left, I reminded myself of the "too old" message and how maybe I shouldn't have ignored it. 

However, after fortifying myself with some lunch, I shoved, scooted, and dragged that thing a good six inches to the right. WHEW!! Really put those new water aerobics muscles to work. I carefully dusted every book and managed to get everything put back before I started looking for the wine. 

I have to say that it was worth it. My smile is no longer upside down. I am able to have the doors open so I can see my beautiful books, and I can actually open the drawers without performing acrobatics.

Now about that chest of drawers in the bedroom, Laura. Hmmmm!!

"too old, too old, too old."


  1. This made me laugh, Laura! With our move my husband and I are constantly moving heavy stuff...and constantly commenting how we are too old to be doing it lol!

  2. Laura, You need some scoot pads Good thing you have the water aerobics to help soothe your achy muscles. It looks so nice with the lamp . Blessings to you , xoxo, Susie

    1. Not quite sure how scoot pads work, but I'm assuming that you somehow have to get them under the furniture.

  3. I know just what you mean here in your post about moving stuff around the house, lol..
    I too get epiphanies and they make me wake up to move things and even furniture a little. You made me laugh, as I too end up with body pain after it !
    I love your old desk and that pile of old luggage pieces.

    1. I have hauled that desk all over the country since I bought it in California almost 40 years ago.

  4. You crack me up Laura. I love your secretary and it looks beautiful especially now that it is six inches over lol! Love the luggage in the corner too. Those are pretty sweet. Have a nice and comfy long weekend. Enjoy.

    1. Amazing how a six inch shift can change my world LOL!! Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Way to go! I think it was worth it. :)

  6. I've been telling myself the same thing. I tend to get hurt when trying to do these things so I need to think before I act. But that's hard for me to do. Loved this post! One has to use humor as we're aging.

  7. Throw that "too old" mantra right out the window, Laura. It's mind over matter (unless it's a refrigerator. That's where I draw the line. ha haha) The cabinet with the books looks wonderful, now. We should never live with something that makes us give an upsidedown smile. Uh uh. Life is too short. Now it looks wonderful and Y-O-U did it! GOOD FOR YOU.

  8. Oh- I hear you. I continue to move things around knowing full well I might pay for it later. Glad you got your cabinet moved and re-filled. xo Diana

  9. I do so love your desk! Did you find some treasures at the Goodwill?

  10. I love the desk! I am constantly moving furniture, but sometimes I just feel like garbage and leave it, knowing I will feel better later and that I can move it then. I've been moving furniture to rearrange whatever space was mine since I was a teenager and I don't intend to stop, but I do, now ask for help when moving a largish to large piece from one floor to another. I have already broken a foot simply walking down the stairs. My mother was living with us and I didn't turn on the light on the stairs because I didn't want to wake her. It was midnight and I just had to have some cereal. So, I missed the last step and broke my foot. Long story short, I got my cereal and hobbled up the stairs to find my mother sitting up. She asked me what I had and I told her and offered it to her and she accepted. So, you know what I did, don't you? I went back downstairs and got the cereal! I thought I had sprained my foot. I hobbled around for a week before I went to the doctor. Yup, I'm one of those.


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