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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Saturday morning traditionally means farmer's market to me, so today I ventured out to find one nearby. 

Thank goodness for GPS or I would probably be lost somewhere and would never have made it to the market. 

Gotta love the spelling

Google maps likes to take you by the closest route, which often takes you on side roads. Today was no different and as I wove through new to me neighborhoods I thought about the variety of life in the Atlanta area. 

I was heading to the Brookhaven Farmer's Market which is less than 3 miles from me. 

I consider it to be early in the season, but I was surprised by the local produce that was already on display.

I knew that it was late for strawberries here, but I was able to get in on the last weekend and buy a quart. Next year I will know to get out a little earlier in the season. Fresh local grown strawberries are my favorite, and I will definitely be enjoying mine. 

I remember when I was a child and my mom would make strawberry jam from the strawberries we got from my Aunt and Uncle's farm. I can still remember the smell and taste of that jam to this day.

I also love peaches. What would summer be without them, and I was so happy to see that they were being sold already. Yum!! I'll be sinking my teeth into this one later today.

Fresh picked green beans and some delicious chicken salad rounded out my purchases this morning. 

I love summertime. 

Oh, and look what is popping out on one of my tomato plants.

Can't wait to have some of my own homegrown veggies. 


  1. I am so hungry for ripe peaches! I haven't seen them here yet! Enjoy your weekend! Save me a bite of peach! lol

  2. I have small tomatoes on my tomato plant too. I'm also growing cucumber and sweet pepper. Add to that chives and a menagerie of herbs. Good eating! Glad you're liking your new home state and getting out and about.

  3. Happy to see you out and about in your new home. I remember my Aunt making homemade grapes jam from their vines. They had a pear tree too, big. They were small pears and I was fairly young. I do remember her homempear pie and jam too. Memories are the best


    1. I made apricot jam one summer when I lived it California. Hard work , but it was delicious.

  4. Yum nothing like fresh fruit and veggies. Happy Sunday.

  5. Wow it seems so early for fresh produce! How lucky to have a market only 3 miles away! Nothing better than fresh peaches. My mom always canned them... you can't find good canned peaches in stores.... I also have such good memories of my mom's strawberry jam.. oh the smells of it.. and I picked strawberries to earn money, starting at about age 11 or so... got up at 5:00.. .rode a bus out to the strawberry fields and picked until about 1:00.. and was lucky to earn a dollar! Of course, I ate my share also. Yummmm...... I've done my share of gardening and canning and freezing over the years.... and still my faves are the peaches and strawberries.. and picking local blackberries where I lived.... no blackberries here, no strawberries or fruit trees either. Too dry and hot here... but I can drive about one hour and go to a huge farm that has fresh peaches for the picking, apples and cherries. Love the summers for all the fresh produce too! Marilyn

  6. The tomato plants here have little green tomatoes on them so hopefully soon some will be ready to eat.

  7. I'm just hoping the squirrels don't get mine.


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