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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Fall has blown in, not with a whisper, but with a full blown shout.

The wind sends dying leaves swirling through the air.

Rain persistently taps against my windows. 

Temperatures that are thirty degrees colder than they were a few days ago urge me to pull out warmer clothing and snuggle under my throw while drinking hot tea. 

As I sit here all comfy in my home I ask Alexa to play some Johnny Mathis, and I am transported back in time.

If I close my eyes I can hear my mother in the kitchen and I can smell the chicken frying. 

The fire crackles in the fireplace as I curl up in my father's chair, and Johnny Mathis is playing on the record player. 

A sense of calm overtakes me and I feel safe and secure.

It's an old school kind of day. Okay Alexa isn't exactly old school, but curling up in a chair, reading a book I've picked up from the library, and sipping tea seems pretty old school to me. 

It feels perfect, and it is time to shut down the computer and turn off the phone so I can enjoy it to its fullest.
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  1. I love those kinds of days, Laura. My favorite Johnny Mathis song is The Last Time I Felt Like This:
    Have a wonderful fall week. xo Diana

  2. This is a perfect day to me too. Oh to go back when life was more simple and there were less distractions in life. Beautiful post.

  3. thanks for the reminder to use Alexa to get music. After 10 year old off to school, house seemed so quiet this morning after a busy boy-involved weekend. The music was the perfect addition. Tried Johnny Mathis, but quickly switched to Josh Groban samples. Love the sense of calm that I needed this morning - thanks for the reminder!

  4. Fall leaves on the ground always remind me of walking to school when I was 5 and 6 years old.. through town and across a wooden railroad footbridge and shuffling through the leaves as I walked. When it's cloudy and cold, I need to curl up with a cup of tea also.. and love reading on those kinds of days... don't wan the distractions of computers and phones or noise. That was so long ago.... the simpler life which I yearn for sometimes. I walked through Portland ALONE for 10 blocks at age 5! Doubt any small child would be doing that in this day and age! Enjoy your cuppa tea.............

  5. That was a very nice post, Laura. I like your blog a lot. Thanks for your visits to mine, as well. Hope you have a delightful rest of the week! Susan


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