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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Once the 4th of July is over, and I never thought it would be over as the neighbors were shooting off loud fireworks until one in the morning, it seems the sultry days of a southern summer set in. 

Yes, it has been very hot this week, but when I stepped outside this morning it felt like the humidity was off the charts. 

I love summer and will take it over cold gloomy weather any day of the week, but when the humidity causes the heat index to be over 100 it becomes a tad uncomfortable to spend time outside. 

"On humid days, when the air is already saturated with water, sweat evaporates more slowly.
This explains why it feels so much hotter in high humidity. When relative humidity reaches a high enough level, the body’s natural cooling system simply can’t work. Sweat evaporates very slowly, if at all, and the body heats up. In extreme cases, people begin to suffer from heat cramps or heat stroke, which is basically organ failure as the body begins to cook itself." (source)

Well, that explains why I feel like I am being roasted on days like today. 
I have been trying to get over a summer virus for three weeks and finally had to go see a doctor on Monday to get an antibiotic for a sinus infection. 

I was told to take it easy. Pffft!! Too much to do I thought, but when I hit the outside air today taking it easy seemed like a good plan. 
It is supposed to cool down to a manageable temperature this weekend so I guess it won't hurt me to spend a day or two indoors. 
I have more sorting and purging that I need to do and I can do a lot of it with my feet up.

I've been sorting through my vintage linens and have put a couple of pieces in the shop. You can see them here. 
I took two pretty pieces to my booth earlier this week, but someone immediately shoplifted them. That certainly didn't help to keep me from overheating. 
I have never been able to understand stealing. 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. 
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  1. Laura, I am hoping you are well soon. I love summertime too. I do not want to dread the days even if they are so very hot. Being sick is not easy in the heavy heat. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Hi Laura. We are having those hot humid days up here in Illinois too. Ugh!!! We need some rain to cool things down. Hope you start to feel better. Nothing worse than a sinus infection.

  3. We are having hot and very humid weather in NJ too. I can't stand when it gets like this, you can't breathe.

    Sorry you are sick. Sinus infections and humidity can be tough. Feel better soon


  4. Hope the antibiotics are kicking in now. I meant to answer sooner. I live in a very dry climate which I do like. Your explaining the humidity thing made it clearer to me why my hubby always says "dry heat is better than wet heat". I didn't believe him. We lived on the west side of our mountains here in Oregon for many years (which is the wetter more humid climate) and when it was hot, I always said "hot is hot" no matter whether wet or dry. But now that I live in the dry heat, I can see the difference! We are having 100 degree heat this week, and me with no AC! But the house stays pretty comfy if I keep all windows and curtains closed. The saving grace is that at night, it cools down into the 50's so we have nice air conditioning coming through the windows! Take care....... feel better...... relax! Marilyn


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