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Monday, June 4, 2018

It's hard to believe that another year has rolled around and the family has gathered once again for my uncle's birthday.

Karl is my mother's older brother and he is celebrating 98 years. (My mom is a much younger 93. She will be 94 in August.)

Karl and my mom. Probably discussing the time when they were kids and Karl had to churn ice cream all day for my mom's birthday. It's a sore subject to this day.

I love this yearly get together and I know that they will not be happening much longer. Karl is in failing health, and although my Aunt Jean, who is 97, takes excellent care of him, time is not on our side. 

My aunt and uncle met three months before he shipped out for WWII and he wrote her love letters every day while he was gone. She kept all of those letters and their grandkids had them printed up and made into a very large book. I hope that I can sit down and read more of them someday. 

He knew she was the one and I guess you can say that their marriage has stood the test of time. They seem as much in love today as they were so many years ago.

They have two children, five grandchildren, and six great grandchildren. Quite a legacy.

So yesterday we met once again. There was laughter, food, and homemade birthday cakes. It was a wonderful day. 

Happy birthday, Uncle Karl. Looking forward to next year.


  1. Laura, Happy birthday to your uncle. You have good genes to have so many family members in their 90's. Looks like a fun gathering. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

  2. You have some impressive genetics in your family. Happy Birthday to your Uncle Karl. His birthday is quite a milestone.

    1. Happy Birthday to Uncle Karl. You and your mom look alike. She is beautiful for her age. Great genes in your family.
      Have a great week Laura.

  3. How wonderful! Happy birthday to this special man. Everyone looks happy and healthy in your photos! What a blessing to get together like this! Hugs!


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