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Friday, May 25, 2018

If you are not from the southeastern part of the US, you may not be familiar with kudzu.

Kudzu is an invasive plant that was originally introduced as ornamental ivy. However, kudzu now covers an estimated two million acres of forest in the southern US. 

YIKES!!! it boggles the mind, but enough of that because the Kudzu I am talking about is an antique mall in Decatur Georgia. 

The first time I went there it was love at first sight, second sight, third.....well you get the picture. 

When I was in Atlanta last month my daughters asked if I would like to go to Kudzu. 

Was that a rhetorical question, because I am pretty sure they both already knew the answer. 

 I went from pajamas to fully dressed with makeup in 30 seconds. (gross exaggeration), but still record time.

As you can see from the photos there is always so much to see. 

I pretty much wander around in a daze while I am there. 

You would think that there would become a point where I would become over saturated with vintage and antiques, but nope, doesn't happen.

I am absolutely fascinated with it all and I know that I couldn't possibly have taken it all in. 

We only had a bit over an hour to wander through, because we had to go pick up Tessa, but it was a wonderful time.

If you are looking for me I'll be studying these pictures and dreaming of my next visit. 

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  1. What a fun place to visit. Love the name....guess that means they are overrun with pretty things?! lol
    The real Kudzu is NOT so funny! xo Diana

  2. Oh THAT kudzu! I love that store though I haven't been in ages. I could walk through a big antique/vintage mall for hours, oh wait I do do that!

  3. Laura, I can see why you jumped into your clothes so quickly...what an amazing place. I love that fox pillow and those tin bottle holders. I have that the horrible Kudzu vines...scary. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  4. No Kudzu's here in Oregon! Looks pretty awesome. About 25 miles from me, there are two HUGE antique malls that are so neat to wander around. I never get tired of it either.


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