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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Anyone that knows me knows that I love houseplants, and I love them even more now that I am living in an apartment with no outdoor space.

Houseplants are pretty much the only way to satisfy my itch to dig in the dirt. 

Here's my dilemma though. I don't have a whole lot of light or space to work with. There is a double window in my living room and a single window in my bedroom. 

I want more plants, but I also want plants that will survive the low light areas of my apartment. 

I love spider plants and I had one that was really thriving. However, a year ago I had an infestation of fungus gnats and my spider plant really suffered.  Most of the babies died. 

I was able to save a couple of them and after rooting and transplanting them they are doing well. I have this pot in the window, but research tells me that spider plants also do well with reflected light and being misted. They also like hanging baskets, so I think I will work on a way to hang this one. 

Diffenbachia (Dumb Cane) is another good choice. This is mine and you can see that it is thriving. I traded a home grown tomato last summer for this plant. I think I got the better deal.

Diffenbachia has a good tolerance for indoor conditions. It likes filtered light and can grow to be quite large. The leaves need to be cleaned regularly, which is something I need to do with all of my plants. 

I love palms and don't have one at the moment. I was afraid that I don't have enough light, but apparently the Parlor Palm tolerates low light.


This is one of the easiest palms to grow indoors. I'm glad to hear that because I managed to kill off the last palm I had. 

It has been a long time since I had a rubber plant. Not sure why I haven't gotten another one, because the rubber plant is one of the easiest to grown indoors. 

The rubber plant will tolerate low light conditions although it loves bright reflected light. This is a plant that can grow up to the ceiling. 

It's spring, and this means that I am in the mood to plant, but without an outdoor area I am going to have to be content with adding to my indoor jungle. 

Time to  head out to the garden centers to see what I can find. 


  1. good luck with your plants. I have that itch to dig in the dirt as well!

  2. Laura, I think you must have a green thumb...your plants looks beautiful. My daughter's apartment has two windows and French doors to a balcony. So she gets good light there. I hope you can get outside now and enjoy the fresh air. It seems to want to be spring here...but it's not as warm as it should be. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. That's very smart to research which ones will work best. I have a Christmas cactus and it doesn't require much light or water either. I haven't killed it yet! lol Hugs!

  4. Your plants look great. I have never had luck with indoor plants only with outdoor plants. My mom use to have Spider plants in almost every window of our house growing up. Brings back memories. I am glad you can have good luck with indoor plants since you do not have the outside space.

  5. My mom grew spider plants all the time. I can't grow plants indoors at all. I have been given plants that are supposed to be impossible to kill, died.

    Outside no problem. Happy you do well with plants indoors. Must be hard with no outdoor space.


  6. I've never had much luck with indoor plants, though did have what I called a "corn plant" once that grew to our ceiling! I do well with a Coleus indoors and a couple others. When we have a nice warm spring day (which is rare yet) I do feel like going to the nursery to buy outdoor flowers, but it's still way too early here as we can still get some nighttime freezes. My mom had such a green thumb with indoor plants and they were everywhere! She grew African violets in her bathroom and my dad built a shelf under her windowsill for them, plus there were plants ON her windwowsill. Good light there and they liked the humid bathroom where the washer and dryer were. I've tried growing them, but no luck. I think I either over water or under water. I can't have plants here on my sills as have cats who like to jump up and sit on them! Yours are so nice (the plants). Marilyn


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