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Saturday, March 17, 2018

I love living in a small apartment for many reasons. One is there is less to clean.

A big downside though is lack of storage.

 I've recently been working on my closets and shared some small space closet solutions here. That is an ongoing project.

Kitchen solutions now have me sidetracked.

I am lucky to have quite a bit of cupboard space, but I still am having a problem getting it all organized. 

I saw this lid storage idea several places on Pinterest and found it on Amazon.

source unknown

It would be wonderful to have room for this trash can storage cabinet and it has a built-in cutting board.

kitchen trash can storage cabinet

My trash can takes up so much space under my sink. 

Why oh why do I not have room in my kitchen for something like this?

source unknown

Why oh why do I not have a lot more money?

This is an apartment kitchen idea that I can really get behind. You can hang so many things on pegboard

I would give my eyeteeth for wall space for this.

Maybe in my next apartment.

This is a space that I definitely utilize in my apartment. I do like the wire baskets that this apartment dweller has used. I am using woven baskets above my cabinets.

Wow, what is that old saying about if you hold onto something long enough you might need it? 

I have several of these metal file holders and I've been thinking about selling them. I never thought about using them in a kitchen. Hmmmm!!


Okay, one more. This metal rail with hanging baskets is one I am seriously contemplating too. Not sure if I have room. Too much on my counters, but I may make space. 

I am now going to go into my kitchen and contemplate for a while. 

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  1. i have bought some inexpensive organizers for inside the cabinets that really help to maximize space. something like the file folder. it was a game changer. happy weekend!

  2. Oh that's too bad that those shelves got a bad review.
    This post had some great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I too live in a small space and the kitchen is a challenge for sure. Some good ideas here!

  4. Oh why don't I have more space in my kitchen to make a small closet for the cleaning items, brooms, etc. I think if I try hard enough I have a little space on my utility room...umm, I'll check.
    Thanks for the awesome ideas for organizing, love them all!

  5. I love all the ideas... I think I might need to find something that looks like the first pictures for lids because I'm tired of mine collapsing in the saucepan drawer every time...

  6. I was always having to dig for lids in my drawer under the stove. My hubby found a wall basket at a thrift store (flat side to go against the wall) and the front is rounded. So..... there's a little spot up above my stove so I put the basket there, put a heavy piece of cardboard on the bottom and put my 3 most used lids right there. Now I can just reach for them and not have to dig! I really love it! Now I need to find a place for our cookie sheets and muffin tins, as they are a bane to my existence! We need an entire shelf for mixing bowls, as hubby keeps bringing more home from the thrift store! I need to boycott them! I love some of the ideas you found. Marilyn


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