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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

I remember when I was pregnant with my two girls, in the last trimester I would get in the mood to clean and organize my home. 

We called it nesting. 

These days the cooler fall temperatures and the approach of the holiday season puts me in the mood to nest. 

My apartment is pretty small, just 540 square feet so I am limited in making changes. 

Gone are the days when I can move furniture around. There just isn't any other way that I can see to arrange the furnishings. 

I also have very limited storage space so I have to make the best use of what I have, and I am having problems fitting it all in. 

I'm afraid that one of these days I am going to open a closet door and everything is going to fall on my head. 

 Starting today I have decided to start cleaning, sorting, and organizing. It's not my favorite thing to do, but I know I will be happier when I hopefully get it done. 

My plan is to stay in until Friday and see how much I can get done. If I don't surface by then you may want to send someone in to make sure I am not buried at the bottom of a closet. (I only have two so it won't be hard to find me)

Hopefully this weekend I will be able to share that I have made some real strides. Then again I might be tempted to binge watch Stranger Things season two. 

That's the good thing about being older and living alone. If I don't get it done there is no one else to care and no one will really know. 

Oops, except the few thousand people who read my blog, but I'm sure none of you will tell. 


  1. No one here to care either! If you get it done, you get it done. If you don't, you don't. That's how I look at things these days.

  2. Yes...I think you told on yourself! heehee! I'll wait until colder weather to work inside...or until the mood hits! I'm crafting today. Letting the glue dry right now so that I can visit you! Hugs!

  3. Laura, If our homes are not stacked with stuff to the one should really be bothered my our belongings...should they? LOL I get the overwhelming panic when I think of messes or organizing...Ted looks at it as lots of small I guess I should do one corner at a time. LOL. I just hate dirt and that is exactly why I sure is not because I love too. I really miss my daughters on cleaning days. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. I do change furniture around like I used too either. :):)

  4. Hi Laura. I think when the temps start to change you do feel like nesting more. Making things cozy and warm. You go girl!

  5. I've been doing the same thing, Laura! It must be this chilly weather - I've been trying to sort and organize all the spaces in my house that seem to have gotten away from me over the crazy busy summer!

  6. I went through a little spurt of wanting to organize things, about a month ago.. now it's done! I hope today doesn't find you buried underneath a pile from the closet! But yes.... I love it when I feel that nesting urge.. just don't have it lately. I think I'm done with it for the year. Sometimes I feel it after Christmas when I need to put everything away, and then I get the feeling that "now is the time to organize!". Hope these few days are fruitful for you! Marilyn

  7. Hi Laura, my house isn't as neat as it once was. Getting older and having less energy has a lot to do with that, at least for me. Plus having a laptop with so many interesting things to look at hinders me from getting started on projects, I have to admit. :) Have a nice week!


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