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Thursday, November 24, 2016

There are times when life seems to slow to a crawl and then before you know it it has sped up again and another year has gone by.

I remember last year with these two sweet girls. How much they have grown in the past year. I will miss being with them this year.

Like many others in this country I am feeling uncertainty. Will I lose my medicare and social security? Will my daughter lose her life saving health coverage? Will my gay friends and family members be persecuted once again? Are my African American friends feeling fear in their lives? 

There are times when I wonder if I will ever feel thankful again. As I sat in church on Sunday, singing old hymns of Thanksgiving I closed my eyes and opened my heart to thankfulness.

No matter how difficult the times are, when we look deep inside there is always something to be thankful for. 

This year I am thankful to have my own home. A place where I can close the door and know that I am safe and warm. I know that there are many others who are not as fortunate.

Although I am not with my daughters and grandchildren this year, I know they are also safe in their homes and I can feel their love across the miles. 

I want to wish you and your families a happy Thanksgiving. I hope that in the days, weeks, and months ahead you will find many reasons to be thankful. 


  1. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'll be having a turkey dinner with my Mom and being so grateful for a year that has brought so much sadness but joy also.

  2. Glad you are feeling settled in your new home and embracing this new journey. This past year has been hard for so many including myself but I feel hopeful things will begin to turn around and we can all feel joy again. Hoping and praying the new year brings hope and happiness to so many that need it. Enjoy the downhill slide into Christmas. This time of year goes so quickly.

  3. Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving, although belatedly. Enjoy your weekend!


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