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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

There are things in my home that make me smile. Not necessarily because of monetary value, but because they are family treasures. Each one of them holds meaning to me. 

I love looking at this china in my old pine cupboard. 

I remember when I was a teenager that my father bought this set for my mother as an anniversary gift. My mother took very good care of it and there is still a full set for twelve plus serving pieces. 

Looking at this china brings back wonderful memories of family dinners.

Family pictures are another thing that I value. I look at them and see the people that came before me. 

There are some family members I knew, like Uncle Charlie,

and some that were gone before my birth.

And then there is my greatest treasure. She isn't worth anything to anyone but me, but to me she is priceless. I was so worried when I was going through my storage boxes that she would be gone and when I found her I felt almost like I did the first time I saw her.

I was five years old and all I wanted for Christmas was a Betsy Wetsy. I was also very specific about which Betsy I wanted. She had to be one without the fake hair or the plastic face. So I went to see Santa to plead my case. I didn't trust my parents to get it right.

I think that may have been the best Christmas of my life. The moment I walked into my living room and saw Betsy was so exciting. I slept with Betsy for the next six years and I always took her with me wherever I moved. Being without her and not knowing her fate was terrible for me. 

Yes, it has been sixty years since I first got Betsy, but every time I look at her all of the feelings of sixty years ago come back to me. It was a time of innocence and joy and it reminds me that the simple things in life are the best.

How about you? Do you have family treasures that you have held onto and that mean a lot to you?


  1. Unfortunately I was not allowed any family heirlooms. I can't believe you can remember anything at that age! I can't recall anything at all until about age 13. I'm so glad you still have your Betsy.

  2. I'm pretty sure my mom has those same dishes! Not that she ever pulls them out of storage....EVER....but from what I remember they looked like those!

  3. I moved back home to take care of my dad after my mother passed two years ago and I've been finding treasures and heirlooms all over the house. Just today I found a small tarnished silver spoon while cleaning out a kitchen drawer. It was my dad's baby spoon and he thought it had been lost. I plan to clean it up and have it mounted so we can display it in the kitchen. It's wonderful to have these precious memories where we can enjoy them.

    ~ Cassandra from Renaissance Women

  4. That was a lovely post, Laura. I am also happy you still have Betsy. My childhood doll was a Tiny Tears and I named her Michelle. Like Betsy for you, Michelle was with me throughout a good chunk of my childhood. She's gone now, though, and I don't know at what point she was lost to me. The Tiny Tears dolls I see at doll shows now go for more than $100! I treasure photographs, too, and have many. Thanks for the memories. Susan

  5. Your heirloom china is so pretty. I love old dishes and have many that were my mother's collection from relatives. I had a Betsy Wetsy doll but she didn't look at all like yours. Mine was plastic with the nylon hair and came with a bottle and she 'peed' when you fed her. lol She was my favourite too but, sadly, I don't have any of my childhood toys or dolls. They were either thrown away or given to the rummage sale at church. I also like old photographs and have lots of them but don't know all the people in them. I wish I'd asked about them before it was too late. Have a good week Laura.

  6. What lovely heirlooms. I love the story about your Betsy Wetsy. :-) Glad you found her.

    Happy Autumn ~ FlowerLady

  7. Hi Laura,
    What a beautiful set of china. I love it and can imagine all the memories it must fill your heart with.
    Now, I am wondering if your unnamed relative is also a distant relation to Blake Shelton? He reminds me of him. LOL
    I'm happy that you found Betsy when you unpacked. I remember the Christmas that I was seven or eight and I wanted a Chrissy doll.
    I wanted the one with the satin turquoise dress so I understand the importance of the specifics with parents and Santa. ;)
    Have a great day! xo, T.

  8. Laura the china is gorgeous and what a wonderful heirloom to have. Love that you have so many wonderful memories attached to this wonderful treasures. Betsy Wetsy is so fun. I am a few years younger and I had to have the Growing hair Chrissy doll. I had that doll with me for years too. I wish I still had my beautiful Chrissy doll. So many wonderful memories. Loved reading this today Laura.

  9. How very, very sweet that you still have Betsy Wetsy. I also have a doll from my 6th birhtday- a Baby Walker- her head and eyes turn with her when her legs move. She is in excellent shape and I have packed her away until we move. Love yours-she is just darling. So glad you found her in your stored things.
    That china is just BEAUTIFUL!!!! xo Diana

  10. Oh I remember my Betsy Wetsy too! Mine was like yours with the bare head. I think I got her when I was 8 or 9 and I too begged for her! Loved her for years until I was too "old" for her (13). My mom didn't save hardly any of our childhood things.. she had 4 girls and I'm sure she figured when we grew up, we didn't need those things anymore. I'm sad there was nothing of mine after she passed (or my other sisters). Except...... the one thing she had saved and I don't know why, was an old doll trunk/closet for doll clothes. I loved my Muffie dolls also (before Barbie dolls) and I used to make clothes for them, and the little closet had a rack to hand them on and a little drawer for shoes, etc. There were still some of the clothes in it that I had made! I've saved quite a few of my boys' toys.. and my 38 year old son is so happy I did. Wish I would have saved all those Transformers! You are so lucky to still have your Betsy Wetsy doll.. and your parents' dishes. I have cut glass and china plates that my mom collected over the years, which I cherish.

  11. What a wonderful story about Betsy Wetsy and I am so happy she is still with you! My mother didn't keep any of my childhood toys, but I have a lot of my daughter's favorite toys in the attic. I do have my grandma's china and some mixing bowls I remember her using. They are treasures.

  12. loved seeing all your family treasures. Anything with a family history always has my heart.

  13. Very beautiful pieces ♥ Happy Thursday ♥

  14. I have a silver spoon for a tea caddy. It is leaf shaped with the stem twirled up as a handle. From my mother. And her mother.
    It was the one tiny thing I searched for as I unpacked the last boxes. Searched. And searched.
    Till I was eventually relieved to find it!

  15. I know the feeling. I feel like that about a particular set of china I have.


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