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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Memories!!! They can be so comforting. Like wrapping yourself in an old worn robe on a cool rainy day. 

umbrella on a bridge

Memories of jumping rope in a schoolyard filled with other laughing children or skipping stones on the lake with a favorite childhood friend. 

Memories of roller skating down a bumpy neighborhood sidewalk or bike riding around a small town that was safe and secure. 


Memories of after-dark games of hide and seek or curling up in a chair on a bitterly cold winter day with a cup of cocoa and a new Nancy Drew mystery.

Sometimes memories seem to come out of nowhere. This morning when I took my first bite of cereal I was suddenly transported back to the breakfast nook in my grandparents' home. 

There I was sitting in my favorite pink shorty pajamas on a hot summer morning. I could feel the peace that surrounded me. The sounds of the early morning birds and the talk of the workers as they arrived to work in the family florist next door. 

Without warning, tears welled up in my eyes. Tears of sadness for what was gone, but also tears of joy for what had been.

memories old photo

Do our memories bring us more comfort as we grow older, or have they always been there, hovering under the surface to rise up when we're most in need of wrapping ourselves in their comfort? 

I often wonder why they pop up when they do, but I do know that a touch, a scent, a taste, or a sound can all trigger memories. It is as if they are hiding just beneath our senses waiting to be ignited.

red flower

I know that all memories are not good. Some memories are painful, but when we focus on the good memories, they can bring us comfort when we may need them most. 

As I sit here sipping my tea, the memories of jumping rope and skipping stones are bringing a smile to my face on this rainy summer morning. 

So it's the laughter
We will remember
Whenever we remember...
The way we were...
The way we were...
                               Barbara Streisand


  1. Reading the lyrics brought back Streisand singing it and that movie we love. It is still so true of life for most of us. And your own summer memory of eating breakfast in your grandparents' kitchen brought back my own memories of breakfast time during summer vacation. And yes, there were many mornings that a Nancy Drew mystery was beside my plate.

    I'm focusing on the good memories with you today!

    1. Isn't it wonderful when those good memories pop up. Sounds like we have some of the same ones, Dewena.

  2. Isn't it amazing how our memory is jogged by a sight, smell, photo, or words. I think as we age we go back to those good and happy childhood moments and try to relive them in our mind. We certainly had hours of outdoor play that kept us healthy. I'm so thankful that I had a happy childhood and can relive those memories without hurt or pain as some do. "Hot town summer in the city...." was a popular song when I was a teen and when I hear it I go right back to a hot sultry day on the street where we lived. It makes me smile. Have a lovely afternoon Laura.

  3. love the milkweed blooms. yes, sometimes scents and sounds and sights can transport us back to another time.

  4. Remembering is a gift as I age, but I try not to live there too much. The present where I can still make memories seems pretty spectacular too. Your photos are beautiful.

  5. Your beautiful post has me fondly remembering chalk dust, and skipping ropes the smell of children's hair in the sun, marbles clinking together in the school yard....thanks Laura, what a great moment!


  6. Your beautiful post has me fondly remembering chalk dust, and skipping ropes the smell of children's hair in the sun, marbles clinking together in the school yard....thanks Laura, what a great moment!


  7. For some unknown reason this year, at the age of 45, I've begun to remember names of childhood friends that I couldn't recall before, but can't seem to remember anyone's name right after I meet them. It's the same with memories of my past, I can recall exactly what I was doing on Easter when I was five, but not what I did even a few days ago. It's so strange how that happens. My mother told me it would. I'm glad for it though. Some of those moments were the best of my life :)



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