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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Give me a show of hands please. Who here is perfect? Wait, you in the back there....the one with your hand are not perfect, so put that hand down. 

okay, they can raise their hands, because in my eyes they are perfect
When did it happen that we all were made to believe that we had to be perfect? We have to have the perfect house, be the perfect parent, be the perfect grandparent, be the perfect friend, practice the perfect religion..........just be soooo perfect that we couldn't possibly stand ourselves. 

WHEW!!!! what a relief to get all of that out. No wonder we are all so stressed out we can't seem to accomplish anything. We are so busy trying to live up to the standards of perfection we find on the internet every day, we have forgotten what it is to just be in the moment. 

I remember when my daughters were young, I told them I was going to be a normal mother. You know the kind I mean. The perfect June Cleaver mother who did everything perfectly. After about two minutes they told me to knock it off because I was creeping them out. So I just went back to being me, a very not so perfect kind of mother. The kind of mother who let them do the kind of things you can find here

I am here to say that not only am I not perfect, I make all kinds of mistakes, and it is okay. 

I often say the wrong things to people. OOPS!! Sorry I didn't mean it the way it sounded, but I am not perfect. 

My house gets messy. It is not one of those look at my house I am the perfect decorator who never makes a mess kind of houses. I live in my house. Sometimes I am so tired at night that my clothes get thrown on the back of a chair. They may stay there for two days. It's okay, I am not perfect. 

Just as I wasn't the perfect mother, I am also not the so called perfect grandmother. But guess what, my grandchildren love me anyway. We always giggle together when we talk or see each other. They don't know what a perfect grandmother is supposed to be like. They just know that I love them and they love me.

So now here is a message for that person in the back row who had their hand up. Relax!!! It is okay that you aren't perfect. None of us are. Look around at the people in your "real" life. They aren't perfect and they don't expect you to be either, and if they do expect perfection from you, maybe it is time to set them straight or to get new friends. 

I am not sure when this need to be perfect in a very imperfect world started, but maybe it's time to start living in the moment and stop comparing ourselves to everyone else. I intend to spend my day with not perfect hair, wearing not perfect clothes, and driving a not perfect car. HMMMMM!! Those just might be the ingredients for a perfect kind of day. 

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  1. Laura, good post! I am so not perfect and readily admit it! My home is often a mess! I have too much stuff and not enough time or energy to keep it picked up. Sad but true. I'm still working on the downsizing which I know will help me keep it more organized and picked up around here. I'm not perfect and it's OK!!!

  2. Not perfect, but since Marie house LOOKS perfect. LOL :p

  3. Amen, sister. I am soooooo not perfect! I let myself get so stressed out, and get down on myself because I feel like some people I know are perfect. But, I'm sure they have their own problems.

  4. I'm not perfect at all!!!!

  5. A great post. Perfection is impossible and entirely overrated.

  6. LOL- This perfectly IMPERFECT grandmother (me) took all of her grandkids out in the pouring rain and we ran through water puddles and up and down the driveway until eveyone was soaked to the bone in their Memorial Day outfits. Hey- I had fun---their parents? hmmmm.....verdict still out. My hair looked like a wild woman for the rest of the night. lol xo Diana

  7. That's not me in the back row holding up my hand for being perfect, but I'm afraid I spent far too much time when I was younger sitting on the front row trying to learn how to be--and feeling like a failure cause I wasn't.

    That's over now and such a relief.

    I've been visiting here and loving your posts but must now say thank you for not being perfect!

  8. I have a guest arriving tomorrow and my house and garden are far from perfect...

  9. I'm not perfect by any means but things have to be in a certain order for me to be comfortable. I work at it all the time! lol Enjoy your afternoon my friend. Hugs, Diane

  10. I'm comfortable with the imperfection's now. This is one of the great things I love about being forty. The other is I no longer care what anyone else thinks. Great post Laura!


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