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so what.....let it go

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I have always been a worrier and a people pleaser. By that, I mean that I worried ad nauseam when someone said something mean to me or I felt I might have inadvertently offended someone. 

What did I do wrong? 

What can I do to fix it?

Why don't they like me?


Enough already.

Life is too short. 

Walk away from it, Laura.

And so now I do. Because I know what kind of foot prints I want to leave on this earth and not everyone is going to agree with me or like me, and that is okay.

So to the man who cut me off in traffic today and then gave me a dirty look. No worries, I've already forgotten it.



  1. I am SO with you on this one Laura. Stay strong.

  2. You sound a lot like me. I love your thinking on this subject! I need to adopt it myself. I have these people in my extended family who can beat each other up and they still get along and I don't do a thing to them and they treat me like an outsider. I am tired of trying to figure them out and I need to stop before it drives me crazy!

  3. So glad that you can now let things go like that. I feel like I can do that too and it only happened after having let people have the upper hand on me in the past. I think there is no just doing that, it has to happen on it's own when you've finally surrendered control over everything. Realizing you can't control other peoples opinions of you or actions, is the first step. I also happen to believe in Karma. This may sound weird, but honestly, people that have done me wrong in the past have gotten their "come up its". Have you heard that expression? So, I definitely believe in letting things go and let Karma handle everything. It always does.

  4. Oops! Sorry, I meant "comeuppance". Spelled it wrong before.

  5. That's hard to do sometimes, but good for you!! We should all be as strong.

  6. I hear you...why do we worry so much?

    Bad driver...bad bad karma?


  7. OMG that is exactly how I am. I think and think about it for days.


  8. Good for you!!! If you don't let that stuff get to you (which I know is hard) you will be the healthier person. There are bigger things to worry about. Right?!!!!!

  9. I agree! I'm glad you don't let it bother you any more. Life is too short!

  10. I have always gone that extra mile to please...let's face it, you can't please some people ..they like be crabby. I've decided to just be as nice as I can and if it's not enough...then it's them not me.But I do pray on it a lot. xoxo,Susie

  11. Good for you. Life is too short. Care about the things that matter and let the rest go. xo

  12. That's right Laura! Life's too short to react .. or take things personally. I'd hope that, as we mature, we all learn to let things roll off our shoulders rather than allowing us to dwell on the hurt.


  13. Sounds just like me, worrying and always trying to please. I came to the same conclusion, l'm not doing it anymore either. Life is too short! Pam xx

  14. Good for you. I have learned to let it go (most of the time)

  15. Take this one off your to-do list, Laura. I'll stomp on him at the next red light . . . that's what friends are for.


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