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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We are having crazy weather here. This is January, right??

Today the temperature was 52 degrees which is definitely above normal. 

I wanted to pretend that it was spring so I thought I would play around with the camera on my phone and take some photos of some indoor flowers.

This Saturday it is supposed to be 66 degrees. That will definitely feel like spring and I know that people will be riding around with their tops down on their convertibles. 

As for me, I'll probably clean out the bird feeders and try to drive around and get some photos. After my surgery next week, it will be awhile before I will be able to get around outside much, so I plan to take advantage of the day,

and if there were really some roses outside, I would definitely stop and smell them. 

Next week cold weather will return, but this sure is a nice respite.

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  1. Hey, I'll take this weather we're having in KY! Ya gotta love it...I want to start gardening.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  2. Our weather is unseasonably warm/slightly disturbing too. But with all the nasty winters under my belt, maybe it's well deserved! Love the pink roses! As an odd coincidence, a cousin of mine is having double knee replacement at the end of the month-- getting very common, I think. Best of everything with yours!

  3. It's going to rain here everyday for the next week. Ugh!

  4. Beautiful beautiful roses! My favorite flowers. It makes me long for spring. Real spring, not this fake spring we're having in Dallas. Prayers for a successful surgery next week and a speedy recovery.

    - Cassandra from Renaissance Women

  5. Beautiful flower. Thanks for giving us a breath of Spring! Laura from

  6. Wonderful photos! Yes enjoy getting out and about while you can! I know the surgery will be hard but think how great it will be when you heal and can move around so much better!
    hugs, Linda

  7. I will take the warmer weather...great savings on the heat bill!

  8. Beautiful flowers. Get out and enjoy the weather while you can!

  9. Beautiful, Laura. I remembered to look at my amaryllis after Olive posted about hers the other day. It was starting to bloom. I'll go check it again after this, thanks for another reminder. It's in a cat safe place, so I always forget about it.
    Thank you, THANK YOU for helping me with Google Chrome. Both you and Vee suggested it, and I have dedicated today's post to the both of you!
    Off to check the amaryllis!

  10. I could smell your roses, Laura.

  11. Thank God for Jan. thaws-boosts the spirit doesn't it?!

  12. Enjoyed your photos. Our weather has been nothing but rain and more rain. I'm so ready for some dry and warmer weather, then again I'm an outdoor kind of girl. Though I am so looking forward to Spring.

  13. Crazy weather and beautiful photos-nothing better for a January day. It is cold and WINDY here- xo Diana

  14. It's warmer than normal even here in Florida! It was in the 80s today and we do have a few roses. It's crazy! Take care of yourself my friend! Sweet hugs!

  15. Oh, the flowers are gorgeous! Great photos. Enjoy the great weather!

  16. Amazing pics from your phone!!
    Sending up good wishes and healing thoughts -- hope the surgery goes well.
    Enjoy this mid-Winter respite!!

  17. These pictures are beautiful, we are having warm weather here in NJ too.



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