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See You In September

Friday, August 31, 2012

I know September is tomorrow, sillies,but I couldn't resist playing one of my favorite teenage songs.

See You In September by The Happenings

They were performing it for the TV show "Where The Action Is"

SIGH!!! I remember it well. 
Gotta go now. I'm dancing around the room. So I'll see you in September.



  1. Haha...don't you love the finger snapping?
    See you in Sept!
    xxx, T.

  2. Oh- I lived that song....xo Diana

  3. Oh my I love that song! I am soooo old! LOL!!!
    hugs, Linda

  4. OMG - I remember that show! Paul Revere and the Raiders were on it for awhile.

  5. Ah, yes! I remember it well!! Cute guys. Great harmony.

  6. It's Sept...and here I am! We both have songs in our head this morning! Happy weekend!

  7. Laura, You and I must be very close in age.
    I was welcoming the return of the Back Street Boys, yesterday on GMA. They are so refreshing, and remind me of the harmony we so enjoyed.

    I remember sunning on the docks of our local lake resorts with our transistor radios listing to the Fab 50. This song was one of those perfect Summer songs. Remember when they wrote songs just for the Summer?
    Happy September!
    (I'm also loving all the Southern girls and their football!)

  8. Cute song...never heard it before. Happy September!


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