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Friday, July 13, 2012


Do you ever have a period of time where you feel like you have this sign taped to your back. This is how I have been feeling all this week......verrrrry grumpy. 

I have reached the point of wondering why I had knee replacement surgery. My knee hurt when I walked before the surgery and eight weeks after the surgery my knee hurts when I walk. Ummm, I do have a really lovely scar to show for it, but I am definitely a bit disgruntled.

And then there is my computer.......I showed you my computer in a previous post

Well, I picked it up for the second time yesterday and guess what....... Oh my, you are ever so smart.....yes, it still isn't fixed. He was going to try and charge me more to fix it again.......Don't mess with me, because I am in no mood........

I am woman hear me roar!!!! or watch me take out my handy dandy phone and call the Better Business Bureau number that you have posted on your front door.....

So that is a small portion of my week. I won't bore you with the rest.

On a bright note, it is raining, a very wonderful soaking rainfall. I think the flowers, grass, and trees are all smiling. 



  1. Laura..
    just clicked over on my reading list..
    i too had horrible problems with my computer..
    it finally crashed..fortunately, i had managed to save all my photos and cherished stuff to an external harddrive..
    my computer was 7 years old..
    cantankerous, and slow..
    even adding memory did not help..
    it may be time to let yours go to the computer compost pile in the sky..
    i did get a new one..(an HP, not another beloved Dell) this works fine for what I do..
    also bought a new wide screen monitor..
    discovered my old HP printer (which I loved and had served me so well) simply could no longer function with all the newer upgrades/systems/demands of the new computer.. so an inexpensive Kodak was purchased in the bundle..
    once my move back to Florida is completed..
    we will investigate setting up a totally new office..
    in your case..
    If you can afford it,bite the bullet and get a new system.. the works!
    If what you have is new..and from the repair person mentioned, go for the juglar!
    call in the TROOPS..The MEDIA..
    negative publicity is perfect recourse..
    FREE Broadcast Negative Publicity is divine!!
    good luck..
    I'll be watching to see the outcome!

  2. You poor thing. I have heard it takes a long while to recover from the knee replacement. I hope you get past the pain soon.

    Aren't computer problems maddening? I think it is because I don't really understand computers that they make me so crazy when they goof up. I am completely helpless.

    My week hasn't been bad, but I did go to Eddie Bauer for new t-shirts. I have stained so many of mine. I washed the new ones, and when I was pressing one of them this morning, I realized it is already stained. What? I haven't even worn it yet!

  3. Think of Scarlett...."Tomorrow is another day." I know next week will be better!


  4. I am so sorry you've had so many things crash down on you. I prayed for you last night. Take care my friend! Sweet hugs!

  5. Hmm, you could publish his business name and all your followers could write him a 'lovely' letter to help him get focused... how about an external screen? (if it is a laptop there is a plug-in on the back or side to go to an external screen) then, get the good stuff off of it before it goes to the 'home in the sky'.

  6. So sorry for your awful week. But hey... nature is smiling so you'll be smiling next! :-) Just keep thinking positive!

  7. The rain sounds lovely. I hope we get some. As for the rest of it, no thanks. Computer problems are the worst. We all do so much work with our computers!

  8. Laura, you brightened my day by saying it is raining where you are. It is cloudy today, but no rain. I appreciate the cooler temps but a nice soak would be so wonderful. Too bad about your knee. Sorry it isn't doing better by now. hmmmm. and that computer jerk that didn't repair yours should be hauled off to the looney bin. What is he thinking!??!!! Have a great weekend k? please? k.

  9. Sorry to hear about your awful week. My mom -in-law is having the same thoughts as you. She had hip replacement recently and is still dealing with your issues!

  10. And I hope tomorrow is a better day! I'm pulling for you!
    Glad you are getting rain down your way.

  11. How frustrating!!! Grateful for the rain. We could use some here!

  12. Aw.....TWO sucky things at one go! How frustrating! I hope both knee and computer are "healed" soon- xo Diana

  13. Sometimes it just feels better to go with the flow and acknowledge this moment in time is a complete bust. Some days just feel like Monday over. Computers can be so frustrating but pain now that is just nerve racking day after day. What does your doctor say about the pain in your knees?

  14. Hang in there, it will get better. Meanwhile the grumpies are OK. I hate computer issues. Hoping the rain makes everything feel better. hugs, Linda

  15. Argh! I hate those days/weeks. They also grate on me. I hope your knee feels beter soon!

  16. Sometimes things happen to slow us down and maybe show us something we didn't want to see... who knows what you might discover in the coming days :) Hugs.


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