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those darn slippers and other winter goodies

Monday, January 2, 2012

For the Christmas of 2010, my grandchildren gave me these really cozy wool felted slippers. They quickly became my indoor footwear of choice last winter (and were also great under my boots) and I wore them so much that I wore holes in the bottoms. I was feeling rather sad this winter about not having them, when I remembered that there was some extra yarn included. Oh boy, I can fix them (maybe). I have never darned anything in my life, but I am of the school that believes you are never too old to learn a new trick. So like most of the info I need now-a-days, I googled it and found this great tutorial here. Being me, of course, I didn't follow the instructions exactly, but they turned out really well, and now I have my cozy slippers back on my cold feet. Since they are wool, I will throw them in the washer and try to get the new sections to felt in with the old.

I can't believe the holidays are already over and it's time to start shopping for ourselves again (just in case you didn't get just want you wanted for Christmas).

If you are like me and don't knit, here is a great pair of felted slippers. When mine wear out completely i think I will try a high top pair like this.


Fingerless gloves seem to be all the rage on Etsy this year, but I like my fingers to be nice and toasty and so I'll just stick with a nice warm pair of old fashioned mittens.


I definitely like a pretty warm scarf to wrap around my neck


and a slouchy beret to pop on my head


All I need is a great wool coat (gotta love this picture)


and a pair of boots


Now, I'm all ready to head out in the snow. Where is the snow? I've been patiently waiting so bring it on.



  1. Seriously! Where is the snow? I have my new warm jacket and some great scarves just itching to be worn and yesterday it was 73 here in CA. How odd!

  2. Great finds for bundling up. It's still sunny and unseasonably warm in the Midwest, but I'm sure Winter will arrive sometime soon.

    I had to do some darning last year, to mend my daughter's favorite sweater that she just wasn't ready to abandon. I wish I had my mother's darning egg (actually, a drumstick shape). It said, "Socks. Darn it!" I'm guessing it was a bridal shower gift in 1951. My mother was a very skilled darner. I didn't get that gene, apparently.

  3. It's fun to fix up sox and things that get holes. It makes one feel so domestic. Those high-top booties are so cute. That blue and red scarf is too much. I haven't seen a headscarf worn like that since I was a teen, back inthe 60s.

    Happy New Year. Get yourself something nice.

  4. I love that pic with the blue coat.

  5. Love your sox's they look so warm and I'm so glad you were able to fix them. Don't be talkin bout no snow--- keep that stuff on your side of the state now -- you hear?? LOL, it flurried here all day and it's so cold! I really don't like it. Have a great evening and I hope it snows, just for you, but only where you are--- brrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I've been cold all day! I think I have thin blood! LOL,

  6. Oh those look so cozy! It is so cold here right now and I have my slippers on too! The sun is shining....but I think snow is on its way!

  7. All of these look so cozy and warm. Now if only colder weather and wishful thinking {snow} would dare to come my way. Happy Weekend :D

  8. Oh, those socks looks so comfy. Isn't it wonderful at the end of the day to put on comfy clothes and warm socks? Love it! Hope you're having a grand evening. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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