Wednesday, October 19, 2022

As many of you know I have been taking a blogging break to be with and help out my daughter Katy.

Katy has been hospitalized for over three weeks now. 

I have been at the hospital most of that time with her.

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Taking steroids for years to help control the autoimmune illnesses that she has because of her primary immune deficiency has left her with severe osteoporosis.

Because she is premenopausal osteoporosis medications were not approved for her.

When she started getting compression features in her spine this past summer the doctors finally got approval to give her injections of an osteoporosis medication.

When she entered the hospital she had three spinal fractures and one broken rib. She now has nine rib fractures and a displaced sternum.

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Katy is focused on getting help for other immune deficiency patients so we are raising money for the Immune Deficiency foundation. 

My daughter Cary, who has been with us at the hospital much of the time, has taken over the fundraising for Katy and here is what she wrote.

"Hello friends and family. I know many of you have already donated to Katy’s fundraiser for IDF, and thank you! BUT… I’m looking to raise more. I’m taking over a little bit for Katy, who’s already done a great job but is hoping to raise more for an organization so important to her. Many of you may not know that Katy is in the hospital. This is not uncommon for her, but this year has been particularly hard. She is a private person, and I respect that usually but wanted to share just a little. After ending up in the ICU this Spring, she was hoping for a healthier year. She is still spending her days in isolation as the rest of the world has moved on. Unfortunately, what she thought was a strained back, turned into compression fractures in her spine. She spent all summer trying to heal and using a walker. She was getting ready to finally start physical therapy when she had another fracture in the spine, as well as six rib fractures! I’m sure you can imagine the pain. All of this is caused by Osteoporosis due to her immune condition. On top of that, she is struggling with an unknown infection that has had her in the hospital for well over a week so far. Despite all that, she told me she is disappointed she hasn’t been able to fundraise more for the IDF walk, and won’t be able to participate in the actual walk, even though it’s in our neighborhood this year. So, I will walk for her. I’m really terrible at asking for money, and I know that people are bombarded with requests to give all the time. If you can give even a little and haven’t, it would be appreciated. If you have and could give a little more, it would be appreciated. If you can give a lot, it would definitely be appreciated.

Thank you. It would mean so much to Katy, and to others this organization supports. They do really amazing work through their research and advocacy, and literally, save lives."

*** This is the link to Cary's fundraising page. ***

I hope this post makes sense as I am a bit on the tired side.

We are hoping to get Katy out of the hospital in the next couple of days so that she can recover at home from all of her fractures.

I will be staying with her as long as she needs me and hopefully, we will be able to get some home healthcare.

Thank you all for being wonderful blogging friends and for all of your prayers for my precious daughter.


  1. Katy has had it so rough. Prayers for her to find some things that will help her. I donated for this great cause. I know this is hard for you Laura being a mom. It is hard when we cannot fix things for our kids. Hope this helps a little. xoxo Kris

  2. I am keeping her in my prayers...and you too! Take care of yourself as much as you can. Sweet hugs, Diane

  3. Oh Laura, my heart just breaks for Katy, she's been through so much. Sending hugs and prayers for healing and strength and good luck to Cary on her walk. I know how tough it is, as a mom, to watch your kids hurt. Happy to donate, hope it helps.

  4. That is so sad about Katy's struggles this summer.. and all those fractures in her spine. I'm so sad to hear it.. she must be such a caring person to keep trying to help with the funding. I will definitely donate next payday! I pray for them to find some healing and help for her. Sending hugs.. Marilyn

  5. I'm way behind in blog reading, Laura, but I'm sending prayers to your Katy, and to you.

  6. I'm stopping by to let you know that you are in my prayers. Take care and have a good week! Lots of hugs, Diane


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