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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Today's post will be brief as I had to drive Katy to an appointment with the spine surgeon yesterday, which cut into my writing time. 

Also, Cary took 16-year-old Sidney on a five-day trip to NYC this past weekend and I was a stand-in for some of the Katy care.

wildflower meadow

I was so happy for them to have a mother-daughter trip together.

The main reason for the trip was a Harry Styles concert (yes I am old and had to look up who Harry Styles is), but they also had museum visits, college tours, and other fun activities planned. 

We had another crisis last week when Katy's 12-year-old cat suddenly bit her in the middle of the night.

cat on a couch

If you ever want to get seen quickly in the ER just tell them you have a cat bite.

Apparently, cat bites are really dangerous even for people with normal immune systems.

Tula really did a number on Katy's arm.

She needed stitches, but they couldn't give them to her because of the risk of trapping the bacteria in her body.

It's been a week and her arm still hasn't healed.

On a lighter note, I wanted to share my recipe for a mango banana smoothie.

mango banana smoothie

It's simple and only takes four ingredients.

1 cup frozen mangos

1 small banana

1/4 cup of milk

1/4 cup of plain greek yogurt

Just blend it all together and yummy.

It's filling and delicious.

My blender isn't super heavy duty so I put the frozen mangos in first and ground them up. 

This has been my go-to lunch on busy days. 

Can someone tell me where in the heck summer has gone?


  1. I hate to hear the cat bit her. That is scary when you wake up to something like that. Of course I don't like cats so I'm more critical! Hope she heals and feels much better!

  2. Oh that's weird about the cat bite. Maybe she rolled over on her or something? I hope she'll be OK. And as far as summer.... I'm still in the stage that it's the "beginning" of summer and I have all this time to do things, go to the beach, etc. or go camping, etc. I keep thinking.. I'll do it this summer when it's not so hot.. and guess what? IT IS SUMMER NOW AND IT'S STILL TOO HOT and will be into Fall I'm sure. So now I'm going "I think I'll go to the coast this Fall, or go camping this Fall when it's cooler".... and before I know it, Fall will be here and I'll still be planning ahead.. but then the snow will come! It's been way too short and haven't done anything fun other than my trip to Astoria in May. It's been way too hot to do much of anything but work in the yard in the dark of the evenings! So I agree wholeheartedly.. where did summer go???????????????? Have a good week.. oh and that smoothie looks delicious. I used to drink one every day, but have gotten really lax. I would add protein powder, usually some greens powder, cinammon and anything else I could think of! Marilyn

  3. Praying for Katy that she can heal from her cat bite. The smoothie sounds pretty delish. Thanks for sharing. xoxo Kris

  4. Can't tell you where summer's gone - I seem to have lost it, too. But, the smoothie looks delicious, and I'm putting frozen mango on my shopping list. I hope that Katy is ok from the cat bite - how awful. My friend who lives in Atlanta also had a mother-daughter weekend in NY to see Harry Styles!

  5. A week later, hope Katy's wound is healing nicely.


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