Tuesday, July 26, 2022

As a woman, my role within my family has constantly changed. 

Daughter, wife, mother, breadwinner, grandmother.

country road through a gate

I have played all of those parts. 

Often I have stepped outside of myself and looked at those roles as if I were an actor on the stage, taking directions on how to proceed.

Our role within the family can affect how we see ourselves as a person. 

It is an ever-changing path that can wind back onto itself. 

country road winding through the woods

One moment we are dependent, leaning on others in the family to take care of us. 

As we grow, we become the person that others depend on. 

Then as we age we may find ourselves once again dependent. 

During all of this, we may swing back and forth between the roles.

swing hanging from a tree

Our roles are often based on the expectation of others and our interpretation of those expectations. 

For example, as a mother, our children have the expectation that we will do certain things to take care of them. 

Then as they grow up, their expectations change and we must adapt our role to their wants. 

the transformation of a butterfly

These role changes can lead to confusing feelings for us. 

I am left wondering how you, as a woman, adapt to these changes. 

Have the changes left you feeling unsure of your role at times? 

Do you find the expectations of others in your family don't match your own expectations? 

Or, have you been able to fluidly move from one role to the next without any problems?


  1. I agree that it is sometimes hard to change our roles, as others need or expect. I've always just been ME.... and acted according to my own feelings.. but other times, I was "mom" and had to act the way my kids wanted me to.. and then there were times I didn't act the way I should have which caused guilt in me! I WAS a wife for 17 years (back in the 70's and 80's).. and then a divorced single mother... different role completely! Then a wife again for the last 20 years. and a "stepmother and grandmother"... again a changing of how I needed to act for others. And now, a single widow woman, which is the most strange of all... and I don't really know quite how to act or who I am! It will take awhile to figure it out.. and also as an alone person, I need to ask for help now and then, which I've NEVER had to before! Life shoves us into corners sometimes..........

  2. I'm happy with my life and I'm proud of my kids and grandkids. They are respectful of me and I make sure not to interfere in the way they live their lives. Everyone has to find their own way and I pray for them just like I did when they were little. Thanks for the post and for giving us things to ponder! Hugs, Diane

  3. I can't say that I've move fluidly from one to another. Some things, yes, but that was probably more due to naivete than confidence when I was younger! As I get older, role changes are more challenging. Now I'm learning how to be a mom to a young adult. I'm trying not to give my opinions without being asked, and yet to still be there to teach, encourage, support. The lines are very hazy, and it's not easy to step out of the role of "I'm the mom, so do it because I said so!"


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