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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

And the weeks just keep on rolling by.

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out where the days go. 

July is almost over and August always seems to zoom by.

summer flowers

Thank you to all of you who asked about Katy

She was able to get into the Emory orthopedic center last week and then have an MRI and CT scan of her lower spine and hips. 

Fortunately, there were no more fractures and she is slowly recovering and getting about with a walker. 

She will also get a bone density scan and then see one of the higher muckity mucks in endocrinology to address the osteoporosis. 

Once again I can't stress enough how important it is to get your bone scans if you are at risk for osteoporosis

butterfly on flowers

The over 90-degree temps along with more Covid are putting a damper on outdoor activities.

Some of my family had Covid a few weeks ago. They were fully vaccinated and boosted but made the mistake of not wearing a mask in an indoor setting. 

I sat next to one of them for a couple of hours when she had the first symptoms, but we were both wearing masks and I didn't catch it.

I do not go anywhere without my mask.

butterfly on lavender plants

As it is too hot to walk outside, I am once again walking my hallway.

I find it really boring, but as I am determined to keep up the walking I have found that listening to my favorite music helps to make the time go by more quickly.

Of course, I wear earbuds to keep from annoying my neighbors who may not have my wonderful taste in music.

Today I plan on doing a bit of work on Etsy and then I will be starting a new book. 

How is your day looking?

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  1. The days really do fly by. I have some inside chores to tackle today and I want to start a new junk journal. No hiking today! But I'm worn out from the weekend so that's ok! Enjoy your day!

  2. The summer months do seem to go quickly. Then the winter months drag. Glad you can at least walk inside your place to keep your promise to yourself. I have been riding my bike but when it gets humid and hot like today it just does not feel good. Ha Ha I do not think my neighbors would like me cursing my bike up and down the hall ways lol! Have a good day today. Glad Katy is doing better and no more fractures. xoxo Kris

  3. I SO agree with you! Why do the days and weeks ZOOM by so fast??? Is it because we're retired?? and I say that lightly, because having an Etsy shop and selling in another shop are not really being "retired"!! But I've always thought it's because I don't go to work every day anymore... those days just dragged..... so now that I can do what I want to, and get involved in fun things, that's when the days zoom by. That's my theory anyway.. and I wish it wasn't like that! Even though it's been super hot here, I don't even feel like summer has started yet, because I got so behind in planting my flowers and veggies. My day today is sewing! Yup.. I finally got my machine out and made 3 throw pillow covers for my bed (for existing pillows) and am now working on 2 new pillowcases that will match my new quilt. I don't sew that often anymore, but once I get my machine out and am on a roll, I do as much as I can while the fire is in me! Too hot to get outside today either.. and I sometimes walk up and down my hallway too.. to get some exercise! I do get out into my yard every day and water everything.. so that's a little bit of movement.. every bit helps right? The next week here (and probably the next 2 months!) are forecast as HOT! Have a good week! Marilyn

  4. Glad Katy is doing ok, but so frustrating for her I'm sure. The heat is bad here, too. I've been hiding inside too and when I do venture outside it's to the pre-cooled, air conditioned car or the pool. I"m impressed with your hall walks, that is dedication!!

  5. Glad to hear that Katy is doing okay, and will see a top specialist. Yup, the days are flying by, as they always do in summer. We're in the midst of a brutal week-long heat wave, so I've been indoors mostly. When I'm in Florida, and the weather doesn't cooperate, I walk laps in the indoor parking garage. Talk about boring, but my earbuds do help, I, too, wear my mask everywhere. I'm usually one of just a few. Have a good week, Laura!


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