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Friday, March 5, 2021

Family is the most important thing in my life. There are always ups and downs, but in the end, family is what matters most. 

I feel so very fortunate that during this last year when so many people haven't been able to see their families because of covid, I live close enough to mine to have outdoor visits about once a week. It is the one thing that has kept me going. 

I'm not sure how many eight-year-old children like to play with their grandmothers, but I am so fortunate that Tessa still likes to play with me.

I am under no illusion that this will last forever because like her older brother and sister, she will grow up and move away from this playtime. However, we have spent a lot of time bonding and hopefully, she will carry forward a lot of good memories and funny stories.

Jack Henry and Sidney are both teenagers now and at age eighteen, Jack Henry is a young man. 

Fifty years ago I purchased a black corduroy Victorian-style coat. It was one of my first purchases as a young woman. I loved that coat and kept it for the last fifty years, but decided it was time to pass it on to someone I love. 

I took it to Sidney and when she tried it on it fit perfectly. She loved it, especially the Victorian styling. It makes me very happy to know that it has found a new home. 

One of the things I really cherish is the time that my two daughters and I spend together. It has been hard in the past for just the three of us to get together, but the pandemic has kept us in self-isolation, which has made us appreciate having time to talk. 

My girls from when they were a wee bit younger

Not seeing other adults is hard. Katy has been in quarantine for a year, only going to necessary medical appointments three times in the past year.

This morning I am taking her for a procedure at the hospital. It will be the first time she has been in the car with someone else for a year, (I have completely sanitized the backseat area) but as she has to have anesthesia she needs to be driven there and then picked back up. Because of covid, I can't be there with her.

I am so grateful that I got my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine three weeks ago. It makes me feel safer. I can't wait for everyone to have the opportunity to get vaccinated. For people like Katy who don't produce antibodies, they are working on monoclonal antibody treatments, and hopefully, they will be available soon so that she can emerge from her home at some point. 

Whatever happens, life goes on. Spring is arriving and that means nicer weather and longer outside visits with family. Can't complain about that.

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  1. Sidney looks so cute in the coat. I was so happy to get a glimpse of Cary's front yard! I'd love to see more of it.

  2. The coat you passed on is so adorable. Glad you could get your vaccine done. I cannot wait. Family is so important lets hope someday we can all be hugging and being close again. Have a good weekend. xoxo


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