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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Even in this time when life has slowed down it still seems to be going by too quickly. The older I get the harder it seems to keep up the pace. 

Monday was a lovely day with family. It was Tessa's eighth birthday and she definitely had a fun filled day. Their pool opened and they made an appointment for swimming in the morning. Tessa loves to swim and I know she is missing the swim team this year. Maybe by next summer things will get back to normal.

I have a tradition of calling each of my grandchildren and singing happy birthday to them on their special day. Cary had told me Tessa's busy schedule, and as I knew I would be seeing her that afternoon I didn't make the call.

Apparently one of the first things she said that morning was that Nana would be calling her to sing happy birthday. I felt terrible that I didn't call. 

Tessa of course in her sweet way, after my third apology, said, "Don't worry about it, Nana. It's okay." I know I will never not call again.

Tessa's other grandparents and her cousin were there when I arrived and so we had a nice visit, ate delicious gluten free cupcakes that Sidney baked, and watched while Tessa opened her gifts.

After her other grandparents left, Katy was able to come over and visit. It was her first time out of her house, since the first of March, other than the medical appointment she went to in June, . Tessa was so excited and one of the gifts Katy brought was very special. 

She did a watercolor of a photo she took of Tessa five years ago when they all came to Kentucky to visit me and Tessa was walking through one of my family's green houses. On the back she wrote out a description of the visit. I know it is something that Tessa will always treasure. 

Summer is especially nice this year as we are able to gather safely outside for family visits. 

The swiftness of the pace of life ebbs and flows, but it keeps moving forward as must we.


  1. Laura, What a cute girl. I loved the painting too. I am glad you are able to meet up and enjoy some family time together. Blessings to all, stay safe, xoxo, Susie

  2. Tessa is so beautiful. She has your eyes. I think it's wonderful the way you play with her for hours on Facetime. These memories will be precious to her. I didn't know Katie could paint. She's very good!

  3. Oh how sweet that you could celebrate with Tessa. That picture that Katy made is beautiful. What a great treasure to have. Have a great weekend.


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