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Friday, June 12, 2020

Where does the time go? I'm not really doing a whole lot and yet the time still seems to be zooming by.

Last Saturday I went to visit my family. I am now going once a week because I really just get too lonely when I don't get to visit with them. I am very lucky to live only nine miles away from both of my daughters. 

My daughter, Cary told me that the New York Times had written a column about safe hugging during the pandemic. She knows that I have been feeling really sad about not getting to hug my grandchildren for three months. You can read the article here.

Human touch is important for all of us, and going for three months with no human touch is not good for your mental health. It is especially hard on grandparents. 

So when I went for my visit, I hugged each of my three grandchildren using the safe hug guidelines. They have been primarily self isolating, as have I, so the risk was very low. 

Those three hugs were the best hugs that I can remember. Although I hugged the two older ones inside the house, Tessa and I hugged outside and I gave her a kiss on the back of her head through the mask. 

I think it is best to assess the risk versus the need to have that important contact if you are thinking of hugging members of your own family. 

Tessa and I had a visit with Trixie while I was there. Trixie was not a happy chicken because she was still confined to quarters due to the two large owls who are lurking in the yard. 

She did seem happy to see me and let me know that I needed to rescue her from her mean old family who are trying to protect her. 

I tried being nice by poking some chickweed (a favorite of hers) through the chicken wire, and she did eat it, but also pecked my fingers. I felt she was being a bit ungrateful. 

Maybe the fact that I told her she now has some online fans went to her head. It is ever so hard being a celebrity. I'm hoping the paparazzi doesn't show up because there is no telling what she will tell them about her perceived mistreatment. I'm counting on Tessa to ward them off. 


  1. Poor little Trixie having to be in Chicken prison because of those owls. Is there anyway to get rid of the owls. I know you use owls statues to keep away hawks but is there something that will keep the owls away? Glad you were able to hug your family. I think at this point we all have to figure ways of making life work and keeping our sanity. Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend.

  2. What a cute story! I guess I don't know what it feels like to be lonely. I have never wanted to hug or be hugged. Guess I'm a strange duck and Trixie is a strange chicken.

  3. Poor Trixie being in isolation because of owls. Bad enough we are but for animals they don't get it.

    I'm so happy you got hugs and saw the kids. I've been saying how hard this must be for grandparents and new parents.


  4. Thanks for this thoughtful and fun post! Glad you can be with family safely.

  5. Your post made me feel better and less isolated. Thanks


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