Tuesday, May 5, 2020

There are so many sweet scents when I go out to walk these days. I am very allergic to perfume and flower scents, but when I am outside I love to briefly enjoy the wonderful flowering trees.

I believe it is a cheyenne privet, but as it smells just like honeysuckle I will continue to call it a honeysuckle tree. 

When I walk outside its sweet scent wafts along the warm breezes, enveloping me in memories of childhood summers spent in the south.

I love roses. My dad always had a rose garden wherever we lived. Growing roses seemed to be a specialty of his.

I didn't seem to inherit that knack, and remember killing off some established rose bushes when I lived in California.

A few days ago I walked across the street so that I could walk around a church's parking lot. It's boring, but I am generally by myself. 

When I was halfway down the driveway I smelled them. It was the sweet scent of roses. There is nothing like old fashioned roses. They are so varied in their beauty, and someone had planted a rose garden at the church. 

Now on to the important update. Trixie is a mom. 

Friday she hatched two sweet baby chicks, although she is still sitting on four more eggs. Apparently it can take several days for all of them to hatch. 

Trixie seems to be taking her mother duties seriously. She allows them to peck on her without scolding, and she is teaching them to hunt for food. 

Tessa of course is thrilled and was allowed to hold one of the soft little babies yesterday.

The proud mom was only too happy to show them off and to share the love. 


  1. Awwww the chicks are too cute. How fun that Tessa is learning about nature. What a sweet Hen Trixie is to take care and hatch those eggs. Nature is so beautiful. I needed to see this today in your post. It makes all the crazy in the world seem to go away for awhile and see the beauty of life through Trixie. Thanks for sharing. Hugs. Kris

  2. Congrats Trixie! I'm glad your grandchildren were part of this experience. I did too as a child and it was wonderful. My rose bush doesn't seem to have much of a scent.

  3. So precious about Trixie. I love hearing about things like this, it reassures me that life goes on in spite of unpleasant things happening.

  4. I love roses too! some of the newer varieties don't seem to have much of a scent... I bought a miniature peach rose 2 summers ago as it smells wonderful! The same one, but regular size, had NO smell whatsoever. Weird. I'm loving this smaller bush and the roses are so gorgeous in their peach color. I would love to put more roses in my gardens. My neighbor has a ton, and he said the secret is to spray the leaves (or mist them) every day, as they love that moisture. We were watering the bases of them but not the leaves, and they have done much better with misting every day, or even twice a day. We live in a very dry climate so if you water the lawn and flowers, they are all dried out an hour later! And how sweet that your granddaughter gets to share the joy of baby chicks with the mama hen. Little miracles, right?

  5. Those baby chicks are the cutest! I am sensitive to scents too and can really smell the magnolias in bloom now!

  6. Yay Trixie and your babies are adorable and fuzzy! Tessa must be excited.

    Looks like a pretty walk. I'm scent sensitive too with perfume and especially floral candles.


  7. Sweet lil chicks! Beautiful roses. We used to have large bushes like your flowering bush growing up, it was an evergreen and smelled so sweet in bloom. I never knew it was called a privet.

  8. Nice Trixie feel energetic!
    Your words are very much readable


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