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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

I realized in the last few days that I really don't have tons of things to write about on my blog these days. I admire those who are able to churn out posts on a daily basis, but I am finding myself to be sorely lacking in new material, and some days as I sit in my apartment I think about giving it up. 

I love the friends I have made through blogging and that is what has kept me going, but I feel like I need to cut myself some slack and just post when I feel like it.

I also know that I need to find some new stay at home activities to keep my mind challenged and to avoid as much as possible the inevitable boredom and loneliness.

I have started back in on the puzzles this last couple of weeks. For some reason my interest was rekindled and I have completed two puzzles. I ordered a new one from Amazon and it arrives today.

I haven't been able to read much lately. It's been hard for me to slow my mind down enough to concentrate. I hope that will change, but unlike those who think the danger from Covid-19 is over, I don't believe that and will continue to take precautions. 

Last Thursday I drove over and visited with both of my daughters and my grandchildren again. As someone who lives alone I know that I need that in person connection with them. 

I visited with Katy first. I took her some supplies I found at the grocery for her and some more medical gloves that I purchased several months ago. She is unable to leave home at all, and like me, is alone. She will have to go for medical treatments staring in June and I know that she is afraid and will have to find the least riskiest way to do it. 

After visiting with Katy I went to Cary's house to visit with her and my grandchildren. Sitting on her front porch for an hour is so relaxing for me. I love seeing them in person and looking at the garden she is creating in her front yard. It is difficult not to give hugs though.

I do have funny new chicken stories and will share them soon. My daughter's life as a city farmer is pretty amusing at times.   


  1. Don't give up on blogging Laura. With that said I have been in that mindset a few times too. Just post when you feel you have something to share and no pressure. I feel like you it is a connection with the friends we have made that we probably never would have met and gotten to know without blogging. I think with everything going on and missing our hugs and kisses from family it makes everything seem murky and depressing. I think that chick in the last picture with your granddaughter is the one that was rejected right? If so I am so happy to see it it thriving with your granddaughters care. That made me smile today so I am happy you posted. Let's hope as we are all on the road to getting some kind of normal again things will get better and we will all feel like we have gotten our lives back. Happy Tuesday. I consider you are friend and would miss seeing your posts. If you give up blogging I will have to stalk you by email!!!! Just sayin!!!!!

  2. Hi Laura. I agree 100percent with Kris. I think we have all been in the "maybe I will quit blogging" moments. Whenever anyone "unfriends" me or I see only a handful of people visiting, I slip into a sad mode of thinking-----that maybe people are finding the posts boring-----why should I think I have anything of interest to say?------blah blah blah. But I LOVE blogging. If I see something new or something wonderful to photograph,the first thing I think of is my blog peeps! I have made wonderful friends through blogging over the past 11 years. Yes! This October will make 11years from when I started my beloved blog. So just don't post when you don't feel like posting and do it when you do! I, like Kris, would certainly miss seeing your blog and sharing your life. Hope the rest of your week, though perhaps lonely, goes well. (Mine, too. ha ha) Susan

  3. Oh, I hope you keep blogging! I enjoy all of the posts and can really identify with many of the feelings you share. It is important to keep in touch with others and your blog is so helpful to me in that way. Reading blogs is an important part of my day so thanks so much for helping to keep me sane!
    By the way, love those puzzles! What great pictures!
    Thanks again for blogging!

  4. I'd love to be a city farmer, but living in an apartment means I can't. I admire what Cary is doing and letting her children experience though. I ordered some paperbacks that came yesterday. I plan to do more reading.

  5. I really enjoy your blog posts Laura, and relate to your feelings in many ways.. so please don't stop! You don't have to post every day or even every week.. just when you feel you want to share with your friends. I've been in the same mindset a few times... to quit or not to quit... and then I tell myself.. well just let it rest awhile and see how you feel.. and then I find something I want to share, so I'm glad I have my blog! As one gal said, if I see something new or take a neat photo, then the first place I want to share it is my blog. sometimes I feel I don't have very many interested, and don't get very many comments sometimes, but then I go look and see that at least 300 people came and read it, so that makes me feel better. I haven't posted much lately either.. can't seem to get the mojo to do it, though I have a list of things I want to share! Then I get overwhelmed and just don't post.. but I still like knowing it's there if I feel the need to "connect" with my blog friends. It sure does feel strange not to have physical contact with our loved ones... oh and those puzzles are gorgeous.. and like you, I can't seem to settle down and read either. Take care... just blog when you feel like it!

  6. I have been there quite a few times myself where I've thought about giving up on blogging, but I agree that it is the friendships through blogging that keep me going. Just post whenever you feel like it; it doesn't have to be on a schedule. That's what I do. Sometimes I blog more often than other times. I definitely hit dry spells.

    Glad you got to visit your family again. I hope to see my mom and aunt again next week.

  7. Laura... I am so glad that you got to visit your daughters and grandchildren. I feel so sorry who alone during this trying time. My Dallas daughter is very much an extrovert and lives alone. Luckily, she's very busy working but she admits to being lonely. I'm with you about being cautious. It is so scary. Stay healthy, dear Laura.

  8. I understand the feeling of wanting to quit, Laura...I found that doing posts when I want to, or when I have something I want to share works good for me. It takes the pressure off and I enjoy it more. Our state is opening up, too, but we are still staying home as much as possible. Our kids and families have stopped by for driveway is so good to see them in person!

  9. I always enjoy reading your blog especially when you show us images from your apartment. You have such a great eye and I love seeing the things you've collected over the years and hearing any stories you have about them. (Especially the "I got this for $1 at a yard sale kind")

    My mom was a single mom and we would go to yard sales on Saturday and she would buy things which she would sell at the flea market on Sundays to supplement her income.
    She had a wonderful eye for beautiful old pieces - some valuable some not - but still special.

    You have the same talent.



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