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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Saturday was a lovely day. The sun was shining, the temperature felt perfect, and my daughters and I had my Mother's Day together.

Sitting outside and doing our social distancing thing we spent three hours, just the three of us, talking and laughing. 

It doesn't seem like we have enough of those times, especially these days, and it made life seem pretty close to normal for a change.

I don't really know what all we talked and laughed about, but that wasn't really the point. It was all about that feeling of belonging and love. It was about being a family. It was about being a mom. 

My daughters gave me the perfect gifts. Katy framed one of her original watercolors in an antique frame. She had painted carnations, which are my favorite flowers. Cary gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers from her garden. 

After Cary and I left Katy's, we went by her house so that I could see the grandkids. I actually went in the house for a few minutes for the first time in over two months. We kept our distance and I wore my mask, but it was so nice to be in their home again.

Queen Anne's Lace

Inside there was a surprise. Trixie had actually hatched another chick. Tessa found it on the floor of the coop where it had either fallen or Trixie had pushed it out. When Tessa tried to put it back up with Trixie she started pecking it and Tessa had to remove it.

Apparently that is fairly common when a chick is born several days after the others. She is solid black and Tessa named her Blackberry. She is very tiny and frail and although she is in the house under the lamp there is a concern she might not make it.

Tessa seems very stoical about these things. She is an outdoor child, a farm girl in the middle of the city.


Life goes on. I am planning to venture out to the grocery this morning for the first time in eight and a half weeks. I will go during senior hour in order to lessen exposure. There are things I need that I can't seem to get through curbside pickup or Instacart. Toilet paper for one. Wish me luck.

I hope everyone had as lovely of a Mother's Day as I did. 


  1. You did have a lovely day, and the watercolor is so sweet and the bouquet of flowers wonderful. Have a wonderful week and enjoy grocery shopping. ;-) FlowerLady

  2. So glad to hear you had a great day for Mom's Day. How sweet about Tessa wanting to mother the little chick born that Trixie is rejecting. I hope it will make it. Good luck at the grocery store. You will feel a little bit more normal with doing things like that. Still scary but if you mask up and are safe it will be great to get out and do something that feels normal. Have a great new week.

  3. I hope the poor little chick makes it. So sad the momma would not accept it.

  4. Well I've talked to you so I know how your grocery store outing went. I too have found it easier to just go every 2-3 weeks myself during senior hour rather than have someone shop for me. They never go early enough to shop. And you have no hope of finding toilet paper unless you're one of the first people in the store. Sad about Blackberry.

  5. Hi Laura,

    Sounds like a great Mother's day to me. The watercolor is beautiful, your daughter is talented.

    Carnations are my favorite flower too. They get a bum rap in my opinion. They're petals are beautiful to me.

    I hope that poor baby chick makes it!



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