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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

One thing that has happened since I have been in a shelter at home mode is that I have been cooking and baking more than I normally do. 

It isn't as if I ate out a lot before this happened. I am not a fast food eater and I rarely pick up food because I don't like to spend what it costs to do that. 

 I guess it is all of the spare time I have now that has given me the incentive to cook and bake more. There are only so many hours that I can devote to doing puzzles, streaming TV shows, and reading before I get bored. 

After a month I have noticed that I am more interested in cooking, even though it is only for myself. Since I can't run into a grocery every couple of days and instead am having groceries delivered every couple of weeks I have found I need to be a bit more creative in what I eat. 

Although I order fresh fruit and vegetables they don't last for two weeks so I am also buying frozen versions and trying to use the fresh fruit in baking and smoothies. 

I have also found that I can stretch my food budget by doing things like roasting a chicken with vegetables, which I can turn into quite a number of meals. After three days I make chicken casserole and chicken soup and freeze them for later meals. These are tricks I used when my children were young and I had to stretch my food dollars.

I guess those days of being a single mom have paid off in this crisis. My only problem now is that my freezer is overflowing. Not a bad problem to have. 

Speaking of doing puzzles. After two weeks I finally finished my puzzle. The only problem was that when I got to the end there was a piece missing. I searched everywhere for it, but it was no where to be found. Kind of disappointing, but I have started on a new one and will pass the first one on to my daughter when I am able to get over to see her. 

Monday was a day of aggravations. I'll tell you all about it in my next post. 


  1. I eat tons of roasted fresh vegetables. I roast twice a day so they don't spoil. Carrots are a great way to go. They last a long time unpeeled. Very little oil needed to roast and they are fantastic.


  2. I read that frozen veggies and fruit are actually better for you because they are picked at the peak of ripeness, while fresh fruit has to make it to the grocery store and then languishes there until someone buys it. You are much more inventive with cooking than I am. I cooked all the time when my kids were at home, but it is simply not a creative outlet for me. I could probably eat the same meal every day and not mind much. I hope you got your air conditioner fixed. I've had the heater on the past few days. Got down to 35 last night.

  3. Hi Laura,
    I agree with Brenda I had heard too that frozen veggies and fruits are best because they are picked when the vitamin and nutrients are at the highest. So that is good to be doing what you are doing. I have been cooking a lot too and we are having a few nights a week of leftover nights. We all have to find ways to make things work while this virus is still strong. I do not want to go to the stores so I am using a lot of freezer things too. Happy Wednesday. I think it is Wednesday lol!

  4. Laura... The Mister has been cooking up a storm too. I got a present in the mail today and it was a jigsaw puzzle of a picture of our family at my daughter's wedding. The Mister does not have much faith in me that I will put it together. Between you and me, I agree with his sentiment. Stay safe and stay healthy sweet Laura!!

  5. Good you are keeping busy, Laura. I've done my share of baking,too. However, without the pool I usually swim in, eating the baked goods is not a great idea. ha haha Take care. Susan

  6. I've been baking more too.. unfortunately all desserts! lots of carbs.. comfort foods and that's all I want to eat! I never have liked frozen veggies of any kind and have run out of fresh. I do have some frozen ones so guess I should eat those up. I don't even want to go into the store now.. so my diet consists of carbs and meat, and some canned veggies. Not real healthy.. but those chocolate chip cookies sure are good! Marilyn

  7. I feel like all I do is cook right now. Our son and daughter are with us now and it is full on supper meals each night.


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