Wednesday, March 18, 2020

My goodness. how our world has changed in a few short weeks. Social isolating has become a must. 

I heard a political historian compare what is going on in our country right now to Britain in WWll. I always wondered what it was like for the people who lived through that.

I think we are about to find out. Will we have food rationing due to a disruption in the supply chain? Will we be forced to remain in our homes in order to slow and hopefully stop the spread of the illness? Will we be separated from our loved ones for an extended period of time? We are already seeing some of this start to happen? 

I have banana bread baking in the oven. It's familiar smell comforts me. 

As I sit quietly reading. I hear the ticking of my new to me clock and the gurgle of my cool air mister. They remind me of being at my grandparent's house, where I would curl up on the couch reading a book, listening to the ticking of their mantle clock and the soft sounds of the rain. It was a safe time. 

Yesterday afternoon I had my groceries delivered. What an ordeal. There were so many things that weren't available, but I guess getting my groceries this way is a new routine.

Out my window I see my younger neighbors leaving for work. Some of them apparently still have jobs. A young woman walks her dog. I sit in my chair and watch. 

Last night I left my apartment for the first time in three days. I needed to check my mail and to print out my application for an absentee ballot to vote in our delayed primary. As I was getting off the elevator a man was getting on and he got within a couple of feet of me. I felt panicky. What if he had the coronavirus. 

I was so glad to return to my apartment, my safe haven where I am comforted with familiar sights, sounds, and routines. It's a different world. 


  1. I am a senior citizen living in a three story large senior apartment complex. Every one here is sheltering in place and the hallways are empty and feel deserted. Our community center, the library, fitness center, computer room and all other public areas are locked down. The office is closed and all communication is through phone and only emergency work orders are being done. Thankfully I got in my groceries and other necessary stuff as soon as this virus first hit the US so I am well prepared. The grocery shelves are empty now. I am hunkering down and spending my time playing on the computer, watching television and reading books. I am already getting a bit of cabin fever. Be careful my friend, and stay well.

  2. Hi Laura. These are, indeed, scary times. I don't blame you for feeling uncomfortable in the elevator. That is such an enclosed space.
    I've been staying home as much as possible, too, but have to go out a little bit today. It's unnerving. Stay safe. Susan

  3. I ordered $155 worth of groceries and such and only got $42 worth because everything was in short supply. Oh well, it's the new normal.

  4. I'm not sure how I discovered our blog. I saw it somewhere, and I loved the name Simple and Serene Living. It's been in my bookmarks for months, so I finally stopped by.

    I'm very much a homebody, so this social distancing isn't too much of a hardship for me right now. I did hate not being with my church family on Sunday, but I am keeping connections by sending cards to all the women in my church. I've also added Marco Polo to my phone, so I can see some of my friends.

    Patti @ Writing to Remember

  5. All of this is so crazy. I usually take my mom for groceries but she has to use delivery since they will not let visitors in the building to their apartments. They will let delivery guys but not family. So crazy. Stay safe sweet friend.


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