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Saturday, October 19, 2019

It's that crazy time of the year when the weather just can't make up its mind. 

It has been in the sixties and seventies during the day and then at night it has been dipping down as low as forty two. This has been driving the thermostat and me crazy. 

I finally gave up and just turned it off, and found that it stayed toasty warm in here at night without it. This building must be well insulated. Yesterday when the temperature was in the sixties and it was feeling stuffy I just cracked the window and that took care of it. 

I love opening my blinds first thing in the morning and welcoming the day. No matter what the weather is it always makes me feel happy.

Today is a real steady rain day, which is something we haven't had in a while. With the daytime highs only in the fifties I am staying in, catching up on the endless amount of work I seem to need to do, and then settling in with a book. 

I checked on my garden a couple of days ago and found that the marigolds are still very pretty. 

The one tomato plant that I didn't pull up is still producing blooms and small tomatoes, although I don't anticipate that they will grow large enough to eat this late in the year. 

I had given some thought to planting a fall vegetable garden, but decided that I have my hands full with all of the selling I am trying to do. There is no sense in completely exhausting myself. 

This winter I will decide what I want to plant in the spring for next summer. The way time seems to fly I am sure it will be here before we know it. 


  1. Laura, that apartment building looks very nice. I like to open our blinds in the mornings too. I like to let the light inside. Your marigolds do look pretty. I can not wait to open my windows..or for that matter even wash them. Till the farm crops are down it would be wasting energy to wah them. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  2. Your apartment complex is just lovely!!! I open all the blinds first thing in the morning,too,and usually beat the sun up. Are you still selling 'stuff' that you don't want/need? That's a job and something I have to tackle soon. xo Diana

  3. Is that your apartment building? Wow! It's beautiful! I'm jealous for sure. I agree totally about the weather. Kind of tiresome not knowing what to get up and wear each day.

  4. Your Apartment is so sweet with all those trees. I bet it is pretty to open up the blinds. Our weather is the same here. Cold and rainy one day and then down in the 40's and them back up in the high 60's. Up and down. Just hope we hang onto the nice 60's weather for awhile.
    Have a good weekend.

  5. I would love opening my blinds too seeing the trees. I love fall and luckily we have been having a very nice one.


  6. We've been having the same kind of autumn here. It's supposed to cool down next week permanently though. It sure is beautiful where you live!



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