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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Isn't it strange how just a little thing can trigger an intense memory.

Yesterday morning was overcast and cool. It felt like fall had finally arrived and as I turned on the lamp to cheer up the place, I was suddenly hit with a strong memory. 

I could feel myself back in my childhood home. It was fall and my mother was turning on the lamps in our living room. 

I felt her presence so strongly and it was comforting. 

This time of year always seems to bring on waves of nostalgia. 

I see a basket of apples and I am transported back to picking apples with my daddy from our backyard trees. It was always cold, my nose would be runny, and frankly I hated it. Now I would give anything for one of those days. 

The part I did like was that I knew my mother would be baking delicious pies from those apples. She was a wonderful baker.

When we are young we think that we will never grow up and be on our own, but life speeds by and before we know it we have grown much older. We have traveled down the path of life and with the wisdom of age we realize that all of the little moments in life are what we will hold onto in our memories.

So yesterday as I waited for the sun to come out I listened to some of my parent's old records and I gave myself up to remembering. 


  1. You are so right Laura. We can't wait to get older and then you reach an age in your life that makes you look back st the memories. Oh how I cherish those memories and wish I savored them a bit longer.

    Happy end of the week.


  2. Oh, what a nice post, Laura! I don't have memories of back then. It's just kind of blank. But I enjoyed reading about yours.

  3. I so enjoyed your post today, and it made me think of my mother and how much she did to make life good for all of us 9 children. She passed last year and it has left a big hole in my heart. You are right about how a simple thing can bring back good memories.

  4. Nice post, Laura. Your place is looking lovely. It's so nice to surround ourselves with things we love, isn't it? Even the memories are nice. Susan


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