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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Yesterday was a lovely warm day here in central Kentucky. It was cloudy and a bit windy before the heavy rains hit, but the 70 degrees felt wonderful. 

It was doctor day for me. In Kentucky if you are on Gabapentin you have to see your doctor every three months to have your prescription renewed. My doctor thinks it is ridiculous, but you have to follow the rules, so I dragged my old bones out the door.

While I was there I got my flu shot and the other pneumonia shot I needed. It wasn't fun trying to sleep last night with two sore arms and with this lovely addition.

I had been having a lot of pain from my wrist into my hand for about six weeks and it was getting really bad. It had gotten so that I couldn't write with a pen. I thought is was arthritis, but seems it's a problem with a tendon and I need to immobilize my thumb for the next few weeks while it heals.

Typing is not easy.

Last night the rain moved in and will be hanging around all day. I was afraid the beautiful leaves would all be blown off the trees last night so I stopped and got a few shots on my way home. 

I had hoped to get started on some needlepoint today, but that's not going to be happening now. Instead I am going to work on my shop some and snuggle down with this new book I picked  up at the library yesterday.

Have you read any of the Tana French books? Mystery, crime, suspense, and Ireland all thrown in together. This is her latest.

My stomach is telling me it is past lunchtime. I'm never one to argue with my stomach.

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  1. I just jotted that book down, Laura. I have never read that author but you had me at mystery and Ireland!
    I am so sorry that you are having problems with your hand. That must be miserable. Hopefully, resting your thumb will solve the problem. I am glad it is NOT arthritis.
    Have a great upcoming weekend. xo Diana

  2. Your leaves are just gorgeous! I hope you heal and feel better soon. Read more...type less! Hugs!

  3. The leaves here are so pretty also and now the rain has moved in this afternoon so that might be that for a lot of them. I'm in and will snuggle up with my own book today and tomorrow. Hope you hand feels better!

  4. I hope the wrist heals up soon, Laura! It is sure pretty in your neck of the woods!

  5. We had just a little rain here in central KY. Feel better soon!

  6. Sorry you are having issues with your wrist. I am sure that is miserable to do a lot of things. Hoping it will begin to feel better.
    Love the pretty trees by you. Best part of fall is the colors we get. Have a good day today and good weekend.

  7. So sorry to here you're having discomfort in your arm and hand. Don't overdo it and rest it as much as possible.

    The trees are beautiful.


  8. Such pretty red trees! And sorry about your wrist. I have carpel tunnel in both wrists.. have had it for years and I HAVE to wear wrist braces every night while I sleep. I usually don't wear them during the day unless one or the other is giving me problems. Before I started wearing them at night, my fingers would hurt, thumbs would hurt and wrists! I have read and been told that by wearing them at night so that your tendons and nerves can be "unbent", it gives them time to heal, and healing goes on every night. So the more you can wear the brace, the better it is. I hope you're wearing it all night too! Is hard at first, but you do get used to it. Now I feel weird not wearing them, and if I don't, my arms fall asleep from my elbow down. Take care....... I love our library! Have never read her books but have written it down and will try one. Marilyn

    1. I'm wearing it 24 hours. It's driving me crazy, but I want it to heal up. So sorry that you have carpel tunnel.


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