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Friday, October 26, 2018

The forecast for my area is calling for a rainy weekend. When I woke up this morning it was so dark I thought it was still night. Imagine my surprise when I saw that it was 8 o'clock.

I hadn't gotten up once in the night, which was another surprise. That doesn't happen very often, but it sure is nice when it does. 

I have so many things on my "to do" list and rainy days are a good time to work on that list. 

Do you actually make lists of things you need to do? I still do because it is so satisfying when I get things done and can cross them off.  I have a dream that one day I will get through all of the things on my list before I start adding more items. It never seems to happen. 

The first thing I had to do was try and figure out why my speaker was no longer pairing up with my Echo Dot. It seems like technology takes a big bite out of every day. WHEW!! Now that I have that done I can enjoy some relaxing music while I get on with the rest of my list. 

I have been battling fungus gnats for the last month since I made the mistake of opening a window. After one flew up my nose I decided I had had enough. 

Fortunately the yellow sticky traps, the gravel on the top of the soil in each plant, and watering with a combination of hydrogen peroxide and water seems to have done the trick. I am tentatively taking that off my list. 

Today I need to paint a little table I got at the thrift store so I can drop it off at my booth tomorrow, add more items to 415 Maxwell, finish my blog post (almost done), and do some cleaning. We'll see how much I get done. I don't seem to have the energy to push myself like I used to.

I was hoping to do some canvassing for my congressional candidate this weekend, but if it is pouring rain that may have to get put off. I'm not much good at slogging around in cold rain anymore. 

Time to get busy.

What do you do on rainy weekends?  

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  1. I am a list maker! I love to cross things off. I like to putter around the house on rainy days, snuggle up with a book and a cup of tea or hot chocolate and the cat!

  2. Crossing off things on a list is a great thing. Always makes me feel so accomplished. Glad you were able to get some things done. Onward to a sunnier weekend in KY!

  3. i am looking forward to getting into my jammies early tonight and doing Nothing!! it has been raining here ALL day and fall has finally arrived. enjoy your weekend. glad those pesky gnats are gone.

  4. Rainy day today for us, Nor Easter. Hoping this isn't a trend.

    I have things I'm getting finished too.


  5. I take my hat off to you, Laura, for figuring out the Echo thing. Take the rest of the afternoon off and read your book! Have a good one.

  6. We don't get many rainy weekends here, let alone days! Our annual rainfall is about 10 inches! So if we do get a gray day or some rain, I'm outside doing a rain dance! Today is cloudy though for a nice change. I like to craft, sew or read when I know I'm staying inside, or binge watch some old TV series on Netflix. I also usually feel guilty for what I "should have done" outside when it was nice out! I ALWAYS make lists. There's usually one in my craftroom/office, one or two out at the dining table where I sit to eat and pay bills, etc. and maybe one in my bathroom. I seem to always get ideas when I'm showering or in the bathroom so I have started writing things down. Just what I need though... another to do list to add to my to do list! Ugh. But it DOES feel very good to mark things off. Today is sending out Halloween cards and birthday cards, make hubby a birthday card, and make myself go outside to put away the patio umbrella just in case we do get rain. Sounds like your list is full too. Happy day..........Marilyn

  7. I don't know that I've ever slept through the night in my whole darned life. When I was a kid I had a terrible time sleeping. Now I take medication to sleep and still get up about 6 times. I like your store. It looks so professional! No one wants a gnat up their nose. I imagine Ivy could take care of that gnat problem for you.

  8. Oh Laura, your post made me smile. I am most definitely a list maker. I cross out and it makes me happy but alas, the list is rarely completed in totality. ha! Far from it. On rainy days I also like to read, take a warm and cozy nap, work on my blog, and relax. Of course, those "me" days are few and far between. Take care and enjoy your week. Susan


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