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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer....

Apparently they have rolled out because I am feeling extremely lazy this week. 

All of a sudden I realized that summer is winding down when I drove past a tree that was almost completely red yesterday. It was a shock to my system because I realized that summer has passed by without me really participating in it. 

That stupid respiratory infection kept me sidelined for the first half of summer and now my allergies have kicked in big time. 

I love summer. How can it be that it is almost over? I feel like jumping up and down and yelling for it to slow down, but I guess my neighbors might think I have completely lost it. (It probably wouldn't surprise them)

I need to get outside. When I look through my photos I realize that I have virtually none from this summer. I am having to pull older ones to use at this point. 

I am going downtown later this afternoon so I may be able to get some then, but I would really like to drive out into the country and smell the wonderful scents of what is left of summer. Maybe I can do that next week. 

In the meantime I need to order groceries to be delivered to my mom and get her a credit for something that was delivered last week that was expired. (It's always something)

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the lazy days of summer. I am gearing myself up to start posting more as fall approaches.  
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  1. You haven't had an easy go of it as late. Here's to being able to enjoy a wonderful rest of summer and fall


  2. There's still time left.... September and October are wonderful months and I love the different light of those months and the cooler nights. My fave times of the year... summer here has been one hot mess, dry, dusty, smokey, yucky and I'm glad it's (hopefully) winding down! I love looking at past summer pictures so do that and enjoy those. I'm having to look back at prior summer flowers pictures as this year everything is stunted and just didn't grow. Yes.. get out into the country and have fun taking pictures! I would do that too if there was something besides dry dry dry, brown brown brown! Hugs.. Marilyn

  3. Oh Laura how horrible to have a sinus issue and then that going away for allergies to kick in. Ugh!!! I have allergies now too. I feel your pain! Summer is leaving us way too fast. WE have the funkiest weather here in Illinois. One day on Friday it was barely 52 and then 90 and almost 99 today for the weekend. Crazy. WE go from one extreme to another. Hope we hang on for another month at least of the hot summer days. Then the fall cooler brisk mornings can move in. Just want to enjoy my flowers a little longer.
    Have a great start to the new week.

  4. I feel like the summer has sped by and I missed it. A few adventures here and there with the Grands but it was either too hot or too muggy from all the rain. I'm thinking Fall might be my new favorite season! Hugs!

  5. My allergies are awful right now also, my sinuses feel constantly inflamed, ugghhh!! We're getting some pops of color around here, too - but I'm ready to say goodbye to this hot sticky summer we had and get some nice fall weather going on!


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