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Monday, August 28, 2017

It's a typical Monday for me. 

I start my day as usual. I get up, shower, dress, and make myself some scrambled cheese eggs with mushrooms. 

After that it is time to get moving. I stop in our community room to chat with some friends before heading out, and we discuss what our plans are for the day. 

For me it is a trip to my booth to straighten up the inevitable mess from weekend shoppers. After that it is off to the senior center to ride the stationary bike and then I will drop into Fresh Market to pick up a rotisserie chicken. Later I will play cards with friends.

The day is much cooler than normal for this time of year and I notice that the trees are already turning. As I am driving it starts to rain and I feel a bit inconvenienced.

Isn't it amazing how we take so much for granted. As I am feeling a bit inconvenienced by a cool rainy day millions of people are losing their homes, their livelihoods, and some are even losing their lives. 

It breaks my heart. 

I had a comfortable cozy home to come home to today. I am warm, safe, and dry. 

While I sit in my dry home, people who were safe in their homes just a few days ago are clinging to their roofs waiting to be rescued. 

While I drive around today listening to the steady sound of my windshield wipers, others are abandoning their completely submerged vehicles. 

While I know that my grandchildren are safe in their home today, so many other children have been displaced and are facing a fear that no child should ever have to face. 

It breaks my heart. 

I am praying for those frightened people. I can't begin to imagine their fear. 

So much heartbreak.


  1. Hi Laura :) We really do have so much to grateful for and not take for granted. Thank you for your visit to my blog and kind words :)

  2. Everything you say is so true! And so sad. I am thankful for my little apartment. I wish it was a senior complex as yours is, but I'm thankful for what I have.

  3. So true, Laura. We lived it here a while back when Hurricane Irene hit. It was terrifying, and some villages still haven't rebuilt. My heart truly goes out to all this folks affected by Harvey. Xo

  4. It really has been heartbreaking to watch the news. I love Texas and I'm praying for everyone! Hugs, Diane

  5. As I read your words with sadness and fear in my heart, I hear your concern
    Sadness because I have SO many friends in Houston who have lost EVERYTHING. Fear because the day after tomorrow, it is headed here. To my lake house where we had a 50 yr flood last yr and have still not recovered from it. To my real house where the rains are predicted to leave 6-10 inches in its wake. We don't know what we will wake up to but we are accutely aware of exactly what mother nature can do. And we are scared. And we are sad. It will take years and years to recover in the lower TX area, just as it did to us with Katrina.
    Everyone should wake up to realize that our world is precious and slowly fading away.
    The crap that our government shows us and the gangsters show is nothing compared to what mother nature can show us. my soapbox now.

  6. So true Laura. So much devastation going on in Texas. Praying for all.

  7. Sometimes I just don't understand how Mother Nature can be so cruel.. and so incessant and so unrelenting sometimes, and I wonder how God "lets" it all happen... though they will say God doesn't let it happen, but He is just there to help us get through things like this. I'm a Christian, but sometimes my belief and faith is put to the test. I too pray for all those souls who have lost everything and are hanging on to their lives with both hands and feet. My prayers too are with everything there and those helping and giving their support.


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