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Monday, July 3, 2017

One of my friends messaged me yesterday to see if I was okay because I haven't posted in two weeks. 

I wanted to reply that getting old is not for sissies. 

It seems that it is always something these days. 

I have been going to physical therapy for my knee and that was getting better, but then a couple of weeks ago I started having a BAD toothache. 

I went to the student dental clinic where I have all of my dental work done and the young man I saw said my tooth was dying. 

Well hello, we all have to go sometime was my thought.

I spent the next ten days suffering through failed root canals and finally telling them if they didn't get that tooth out of my mouth I was going to go home and sterilize the pliers in my toolbox. 

The tooth is gone. It was the back molar and I don't think I will miss it. In the meantime I have had to do a bit of recovery and I missed my physical therapy appointment on Friday. 

Not having PT on my knee for almost a week has caused it to flair up some again. 


That's life.

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P.S. Have a great fourth.


  1. After getting shingles due to dental work for the second time, I am certainly not anxious to sit in a dentist's chair. I just hope I can put it off for awhile. Might have to do what you did, get teeth pulled instead of continuing to deal with them. Take care of yourself. You're right. Getting old is not for sissies!

  2. oh no... toothaches are no fun. hope all gets better soon for you.

  3. Laura, You have my sympathy my friend. I had gone thru that tooth drama crap. To the point that when the dentist said If this doesn't take care of your problem(2nd root canal on same tooth) then we will try something else. I said , "oh blanky-blank blank no you won't , I 'll have it pulled ". How many hundreds and thousand would they expect you to put into one tooth. I could be wearing some awesome dentures with a diamond stud in the front tooth by now. LOL. I just sprained my ankle and by resting it so much my arthritis has really taken over my ankles know you have to keep moving or that stuff will keep you down. I hope you can get your PT working again Laura. Blessings to you honey, xoxo, Susie

  4. Oh Laura, I'm so sorry for your tooth problems. I have had one crown done a few months ago and I'm about to do another one. My teeth just aren't the same but it's better then dentures. Hang in there and try to have a good 4th!!

  5. Wow, Laura, sounds like you've had a tough time of it lately - sure hope things get better for you soon!

  6. Hi Laura, are you ever right about getting older is not for sissies. I seem to have more doctor appointments now than I ever did. Shots in the eye, scopes, blood work for this and that. And dentist? Don't wanna talk about it. :) I hate going to dentists more than the doctors.
    One of the worst things about getting older is the lack of flexibility. Not being able to get my own toenails painted is a real bummer. Well, I can but my hips scream with pain when I do. I guess I should have been doing yoga or stretches so it's probably my own fault. I feel your pain. Hope you get back to therapy soon and get the knee in better shape. Take care!

  7. My dad uses that phrase all of the time! I hope you heal well and your knee settles down.

  8. I hope you heal and feel lots better soon. Just getting the tooth taken care of will help a lot. And you're not that old...I think you're younger than me! heehee! Hugs!

  9. I had my tooth pulled rather than a root canal....and it is not a back molar. Beauty is more than skin deep. I made my choice based on health concerns with root canals and the expense - I don't have dental coverage and it was 2000.00. I'm ok with it - even the gap in my teeth when I smile too big- it's just life- your right Laura! I hope everything else gets better for you soon.

  10. I can empathize with toothache pain. It is one of the WORST things to deal with. I've had my share over the years as have very soft teeth. I've had 3 or 4 pulled now (and not molars) but all in the back thank goodness. One was pulled after 3 root canals on it! so much pain and expense on that one.. and then I went to finally have the permanent crown put on (by a different dentist) and he said the other one hadn't sealed it right so decay had leaked down, so would need another root canal! At that point I said NO WAY.. pull it. And just had another one pulled that had a crown already and root canal but was decayed. I hate all the dentist stuff and other aches and pains.. all I try to do is KEEP MOVING no matter what. I hope your knee gets back on track with the PT. Life sucks sometimes right?


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