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Monday, June 12, 2017

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
                                    Ralph Waldo Emerson

How often in life do we follow the path that is set out for us by other people? 

Where have those paths led us?

Did they make us happy?

Did they allow us to follow our own dreams.?

Late in life I have come to realize that we each must follow the path that will maybe not take us where we imagine we want to go, but that will take us in new and unexpected directions.  

This past year I have found myself taking on new and unexpected things, and although some of those things have not been easy, they have allowed me to meet interesting new people and to stretch myself in new ways.

I have also finally come to accept that it is not my job to please everyone and that no matter what I do there will always be people who don't like or agree with me. 

The most important thing in choosing a path is to like yourself and to be proud of what you are doing.

I am proud of the advocate and activist I have become. The path isn't always easy, and I often have to step out of my comfort zone, but it is a good path for me. 

We are never to old to start down new paths. New paths keep life fresh and interesting.

How about you? Have you started down any new paths recently?

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  1. I am so much wiser the older I get. My paths are hard sometimes but I am gladly going down them and choosing what is right for me.

  2. I have always loved that quote! I say good for you. Create your path and travel it with pride.

  3. Laura this hits home with me. I have been on a journey with many twists and turns these past two years. One thing I will say you always learn life lessons as your journey continues. So even with good and bad things in our paths we learn so much about ourselves and what we can handle. Happy Tuesday.

  4. Yes Laura, I liked this post. I have always tried to be a people pleaser and I am finally realizing I cannot please everybody all the time, and that the important thing is to walk my own path and make myself happy.

  5. No new paths for me! I'm kind of in the same old "rut"... but I like my rut and I like a simpler life and the magic of ordinary days. In fact I LOVE ordinary days. I am trying to change a few things within myself... trying to be more giving and help others more.. just random acts of kindness.. and I WOULD like to push myself outside my comfort zone and volunteer my services somewhere. I'm working on that! As life throws us curveballs (and it always does), I do find I CAN do things I didn't think I could, and I CAN learn new life lessons along the way. Marilyn

  6. Laura, Some times our paths are changed for us. We have to be strong and adjust. I hope we can all have some fun paths. Blessings, xoxo, Susie


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