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Monday, January 9, 2017

I know you are probable reading this right now and saying WOW is that where Laura has been for the last three weeks?

Has she been meeting the queen? Sipping tea? Eating cucumber sandwiches? Touring Buckingham Palace? Playing with the queen's Pembroke Welsh Corgis?

Well, in a word, NO. 

(Not the queen, but love those muddy feet)
Maybe it is that they both wear crowns, or are guarded by men in funny uniforms who never smile, or spend their time lounging about. (Well that last one might be true for me)

(No stopping these two)
So what is it about me and the queen. Apparently we both have "heavy colds". To be honest with you I was calling it the creeping crud, but I guess that is not refined enough for what we have. 

I came down with whatever this is on the way back from visiting my family in Atlanta. (BTW other than the night I had a stomach virus, I had a wonderful time.)

I don't know how the queen is doing, but my guess is she has a lot more personal care than me. I have had to slog through it on my own with lots of tea and Hulu binge watching. 

Other than a lingering cough I seem to finally be throwing it off. In fact, I am heading out the door to a tai chi class and to walk on the treadmill. It's part of my plan to burn the past and have a bright future. 

I am also starting a pottery class, and yes, I 'll be happy to show you whatever lump of clay I end up with. 

A belated Happy New Year to one and all (including the queen).
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  1. Laura, I can't wait to see what you make in class. Sorry you have been ill. Blessings to you and your family. xoxo, Susie

  2. As an expat I was rather worried about the old girl-or Auntie Liz as I call her. She swears by gin, by they way, for most ailments.

  3. I'm glad you are feeling better. I was hoping you were enjoying the holidays with your family. Nice to hear about new classes...I need to learn something new this year! Hugs!

  4. I had the same 'heavy cold' and I'm also finally on the mend! Good to hear you are starting the New Year off with new projects. I'm downsizing and feeling so good about it!

  5. I've had the nasty cold, too, and I'm glad we're all on the mend, including the Queen. I read just this morning that she was well enough to go to church yesterday. She's amazing to look so good at 90!
    Glad to hear you had a nice visit with your family over the holidays!

  6. I am so sorry you have had such a crummy cold but I am glad you are feeling better. What fun pictures of the kids and I really hope you love pottery. I always thought I would like to try that. I have a friend that makes fabulous pieces. xo Diana

  7. Glad to hear that you had a wonderful time with your family. I hope you get feeling better real soon. I know there is a lot of stuff going around out there right now. Sounds like you have a good plan going for the new year. Take care..

  8. Sorry Laura you have been feeling so crummy. Glad you are starting to feel better. The pictures of the kids are great. I bet that brings a smile to your face. How fun to take a pottery class. I have always wanted to do that. I cannot wait to see how you like it.

  9. I'm sorry you've been ill with this flu/cold Laura but glad you are on the mend and now getting out. It looks like your grandkids were having lots of fun while you visited. Hubby has 'something' today that kept him home from work....not sure what it is yet. Probably the 'man'-cold. haha It would be fun to take a pottery class and create something. Take care. Pam

  10. Happy New Year, Laura! Shoulds like you had a wonderful time with your family. That firepit with its stack of logs looks so inviting on a cool day.

    Shall look forward to seeing what your lump of clay turns into. Have fun!


  11. Hi Laura... I'm so sorry you've been sick. I was wondering where you were and what you've been up to. Now I know! Glad you had a good time with family. My sisters usually get sick after travelling somewhere out of their home area... especially if travelling by plane. I don't travel much so don't have that problem! Taking some new classes sounds wonderful.. .and pottery will be fun I think. I'm excited to see what your lumps of clay turn into! Keep well.

  12. I'm sorry to hear you've been sick, Laura. Good to hear you've been taking an exercise class and now will be taking a pottery class, too. Can't wait to see what you make!


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