Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Is your weather as crazy as ours?

This is January, RIGHT???

It definitely feels much more like March. Showers and warm temperatures are prevailing and with temperatures not dropping below freezing at night I am afraid that things will start to bloom. 

My other worry is that when March does roll around winter will decide to rear its ugly head. I am not a fan of winter and love these mild days, but if we have to have cold weather I like for it to be in January. 

Now, about that flat tire. GRRRRRR!!!

I noticed on the way to clean up my booth yesterday that I heard a strange noise. Just as I pulled into the mall, boom my tire went flat. 

Thank goodness for AAA, but tomorrow I will be heading off to the tire store to get, I'm sure, two new front tires. 

I hate the fact that I keep having to put money into my old car, but every time I start saving money for a new one something goes wrong with the old one. I think I am going to have to have a serious conversation with it about its behavior. 

I also noticed yesterday that a lamp was missing from my booth. It isn't on my sales report so I will have to talk to the manager to see where it has disappeared to. I don't think anyone could walk out the front door with a large table lamp, but nothing really surprises me. 

Things there do have a way of going missing. 

Today I am having a day at home. I like those days.
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  1. Oh no about the tire~right before Christmas I had to spend over $1000 on my car. Still it's better then a car payment I tell myself. I am not happy with this winter weather, I want it cold so when spring comes we have good blooms! Hope you find your lamp!

  2. Ugh!! Car repairs are the worst. I spent almost $700 on mine a couple of months ago. It seems to be never ending, but I don't have enough income to qualify for a car payment so that is out of the question right now.

  3. Laura, So sorry about your tire. I know about old cars, as mine is now 14 years has fairly low mileage for cars of this time. I agree about winter. Totally, afraid it will stay winter well into spring...and that is 62 days away. I loved all your wonderful photos. Maybe someone carried the lamp around and put it somewhere else, after deciding not to buy it. I hope you can find it. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. I was paying AAA for five years. Then I figured out I was also paying my car insurance to have that. Was paying twice!

    1. not to interfere but make a fuss usually works most times with a refund , may not be full but usually something ...Iam not a fuss person but as I get older Im tired of being so called put out ! good luck Brenda

  5. Days at home are good for the soul. worry about lamp and tire tomorrow.

  6. We paid for car repairs a couple of months ago. I feel your pain!

  7. I hope today went better...and you're right...there's always something going wrong or that needs fixed. I have a list started. Enjoy your evening! Hugs!

  8. Weather in Nashville TN and all over the US has been really strange this yr. My son lives in San Diego and they have actually had enough rain to almost take them out of the drought they have been in for years. One day it is cold here and the next warm summer like temps.

  9. Your booth is beautiful! So sorry about your tire but so glad it is taken care of.

  10. Hi Laura,
    I feel your pain on having to replace your tire. I was driving out of the parking lot about a month ago when it was icy and my car slide on the ice and over the curb my front tire went. My car kept going so both tires on the passenger side blew out!!!! So I feel your pain. Glad you can get it repaired. Hope you find the lamp.

  11. I'm sorry about your tire, it seems like once something is fixed here at the house then something else will go wrong. Our furnace is limping along and I'm hoping it'll make it through the winter! Hope you find your lamp. Maybe it was picked up and set down in another booth.

  12. Yikes about the flat tire! Can you believe I've never had one while out and about or traveling? Knock on wood! That is something that scares me, as I don't have AAA. Though I think we have coverage through our car insurance (through a towing company). I drive an old car, too - a 2001 Honda. It "only" has 150K miles; not bad for a 16-year old car, and I know that's "nothing" for a Honda. I'll keep driving it til it dies. That's really weird about your lamp. Hopefully, someone didn't walk out of the store with it while the clerks weren't really watching!

  13. Oh, that's no fun! Sorry about your car....glad it was only a tire, and not an accident or the engine! Lovely photos, you are making me long for spring. We have a warm day today also, and the birds and I are fine with that! Winter is back on Monday, though.


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