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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I love to walk, and I definitely need the exercise, but when winter rolls around I have a difficult time motivating myself to get out and just start walking.

I have a difficult time with the cold weather, but for the most part this winter has been on the mild side.

We had 70 degrees on Christmas and 55 degrees just a few days ago. In between we have had some bitterly cold days, but I feel like I need to just bundle up and get out on those days anyway. 

So that is what I am doing. Yesterday the snow was falling, which made me want to curl up and stay inside, but then I remembered how much I used to love to walk in the snow. 

I piled on layers of clothes and headed out. (I think I kind of resembled Randy in "The Christmas Story". I could barely put my arms down.) 

It was cold, but I was nice and warm and I loved the feel of the snow hitting my face as I walked, and the quiet of the world as it fell all around me.

The snow was gone almost as quickly as it came, but it was wonderful to remember how much I love walks in the snow. 

Winter strips the earth of color, but in doing so it creates its own beauty. We just have to look for it.

Walking again is reminding me of just how beautiful each season is. 

Walking is a simple pleasure. Perfect for my new simpler way of living.


  1. If I walk in the snow my glasses get all wet and I can't see. But it sounds glorious!

  2. Thanks for sharing your moment with us, Laura...if I close my eyes I can just imagine snowflakes on my face and the chilly air. I am running around barefoot today. No snow for me! xo, Tina

  3. I'm glad you got out and walked in the snow Laura and on the colder days as well. I don't have the same desire to walk in winter as it's so cold, windy, slippery on our country road most of the time. I do enjoy snowshoeing now though and hope to get out more now that we have lots of fresh new snow. I enjoyed your photos today. Have a great day!

  4. Getting started to go walking is where I stall, but always once I'm out there, I remember that I love walking. Thanks for sharing these lovely glimpses of your world today. Looks similar around here but with more snow.

    Wishing you a wonderful day...

  5. Heaven, that's what a lovely walk is. It resets your mind. good for you, getting out there!! I need to do the same....

  6. I so agree, and there's so much beauty we often miss because we're not looking. Or sometimes we're looking but not seeing. Love your photos. We're supposed to have -14F.and -15F. the next couple nights, so I won't be going anywhere, but that weather is when cabin fever kicks in and we're so ready to get out as soon as the temps warm a bit. Have a great weekend, Laura.

  7. Wrap up warm and enjoy a walk - it's so good for the body and soul.
    Lovely pictures, thank you for sharing.

    All the best Jan


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