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Monday, August 3, 2015

 I finally made it to Atlanta, where my first day seemed to be taken up with the feathered members of the family. Morning comes early and the first thing that happens is shooing the chickens from their coop. 

The girls seemed pretty happy to get back out in the yard and I am just hoping that they have left us with some breakfast. Please tell me there is something in there, Sid because I am starving. This urban farming is hard work. (Okay, that was a gross exaggeration. So far all I have done is walked out to the coop)

Fresh eggs still warm from the chickens. It doesn't get much better than this.

After a big farmhouse breakfast of scrambled eggs Tessa took me out for my next task so that I could work off some of those calories.

Come on, Nana. Time's awasting. These ducks aren't going to get fed by themselves.

Phew!! Who knew that throwing a few lettuce leaves to some ducks could be so exhausting. 

Next we were off to the farmer's market, where my family dispersed and I was left wandering around in a post breakfast fog taking photographs of random strangers.

I could see an afternoon nap in my immediate future, but my daughter had something else in mind. At only 91 degrees and low humidity, Hotlanta was feeling pretty cool apparently, and it seemed the perfect time to take me on a forced march nice hour long walk around the neighborhood.

Even the butterflies enjoy feasting on the local Georgia peaches.

 It was a perfect day, and by 8:30 I was so exhausted I crawled upstairs into bed. I think I am seeing why my daughters only weigh 20 pounds each. By the end of the week I will probably be down to just pleasantly plump.

Have a great day. Sid and I are sneaking off to the diner to get some real food.


  1. So happy you made it to Atlanta! Oh I love fresh eggs and all that walking, I'd be in bed at 8pm!! I start my babysitting today as Sara heads back to work. Next week Tiger starts school and it will be Miss Rosemary and I! We will have fun!

  2. So cute! There is nothing like being a Nana, or a Mimi in my case! Enjoy your time there and those fresh eggs for breakfast. I see a couple of hens like ours so I know the yolks are bright gold and sit up high!

  3. This past weekend was a lot less humid than normal and was such a nice change.'s back! Ugh! i love that nice chicken coop that your daughter has in her back yard. My husband and I have been pondering the idea of getting some chickens. Our neighbors just got some so we've been learning a lot from them. I didn't know that your daughter has some ducks too. How cute! Hope you are enjoying your visit (even though you're doing a lot of work). LOL!

  4. Wonderful that everyone is back to good health and you got your trip in. All that "fowling" around looks like fun!!!! Enjoy the grandkids and stay healthy!

  5. Sounds like a great day to me! Looks like some great farm helpers too :)

  6. Sounds fun! Hanging out with the grands is fun but hard work. A little sneak off is good. We went home this weekend and got stuck in Atlanta traffic. Ugh. Coming upon 5 wrecks was not fun!

  7. So cute Laura. What a fun first day. Yum to have fresh eggs for breakfast nothing better. Have fun with your daughter and the little grands. Enjoy.

  8. Oh you made it, and are having a wonderful time!!! It's cooler there then here, go figure.

    What kind of ducks are they Laura? They are gorgeous...and that coop!!! Have a wonderful time, and enjoy every minute.


  9. Great Pics!! You have such a darling family!

  10. Did she really say that? How cute. You're going to need a vacation from your vacation. Enjoy


  11. Oh Laura!
    How fun! All of my fresh eggs...time with the grands and daughter and a farmers market!
    Enjoy your visit!

  12. This was pretty funny so it was hard to feel sorry for you, lol. Tessa is so darn cute!!! :)

  13. This was delightful! What a gloriously fun time you are and will have!
    Looking forward to more adventures!

  14. Hi Laura, it's been far to long, looks like you are having fun, and the day in the heat at the farmers market sounds like all and all pleasant with dealing with the heat and all.

    I have always wanted a chicken coop in my yard but you make the work of having one sound REALLY a CHORE, so maybe I will hold off a bit more :))
    I would have to go back into your older postings to dind how did the down sizing work out, and we're you able to imspire it just as those incredible photos from ladies home Journal in down sizing?

    I am going to go back and catch up a bit, will enjoy I am sure.

    Keep inspiring your life, and share all you want it inspires us :)


  15. I so want chickens... how wonderful! It looks like you had a great time. Rest up now ;)


  16. Hi Laura...I heard that Georgia is really hot right now. Good luck. So glad you are seeing your loved ones. Susan


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