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talking with the trees

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Okay, I haven't gone completely around the bend (although there are those who would beg to differ), but sometimes I just feel like I want to commune with nature or in this case the trees. 

I look at the trees and wonder how they feel about losing their wonderful coats. 

Some of them are completely bare,

while others still sport leaves of yellow,

or red.

or orange.

Do you think when they are standing side by side that they compare their leaves? Does the one that still has its autumn coat boast to the one that is bare?

and does the one that is bare say, "but wait, you will soon be like me"?

I wonder. I think I will go outside and listen. Maybe I can catch their whisperings.



  1. Beautiful photographs! Your trees have some lovely color. Here in our neighborhood the leaves were blown off pretty quickly as soon as they changed this year. I love this time of year with all of the beautiful, colorful, "tree bouquets". Every year it makes me sad when the last of the leaves fall (usually the oaks around here). Our ginkgo tree leaves hold on pretty long, change into a little yellowish green, then yellow, and suddenly, one day they all fall off almost at once. Covering the ground in yellow.

  2. The forest behind us is a mixture of evergreens, maples and poplars. It is a stimulating place to walk at this time of year. Leaves swirl about my head as they fall, others crunch beneath my feet while my nose is filled with the pungent smell of moss, and mushrooms and decaying vegetation. Like you I go to nature to reconnect.

  3. You are so cute! I've often thought that my flowers talk to one another, just a nice little chat while they sway in the sunlight! Our leaves just turned and we have some beautiful color finally!


  4. If we only knew! What about the poor pine trees that don't turn pretty colors at all? I bet they're feeling really unattractive right now. LOL!

  5. Great post and lovely photos to accompany them.

  6. So pretty! We are finally getting some Fall color here, but not yet as bright & beautiful as your trees. I would hope that the trees are respectful to one another as they go through the process of the seasons. :o)

  7. Wow! You still have some amazing color! And a fun imagination! Enjoy your afternoon my friend!

  8. I've often wondered this very thing and I also think when it the coldest they lose their leaves, thats wrong, it just makes them colder (looking)!! Beautiful photos, and wise words

  9. Enjoy those whisperings! Almost all of our color is gone now- so sad. I love to see trees all decked out in their pretty Autumn clothes- xo Diana

  10. Laura love all the color you still see. Ours here is almost all gone and the trees are starting to look like winter.

  11. Finally here we have pretty vibrant colored leaves. I just go out and gaze at them.

  12. Magnífico colorido, un abrazo desde Murcia

  13. If you are bonkers, Laura, keep it up. I never knew a tree whisperer before, but the orange one took my breath away in it’s glory.

  14. I'm with Lynn, and you are a tree whisperer...



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