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just one of those days

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Do you ever have those days when you sit down to write your blog post and absolutely nothing comes to mind. 

I mean you are probably not interested in how I washed that gray right out of my hair.

or my shopping trip to 

where I accosted the manager because they were out of Udi's bread. I mean really, how could they? I looked at him and said "Don't make me have to go to Walmart (yes, they are now carrying it) because everyone knows how I feel about that place."

When I got ready to leave, I noticed that it was pouring down rain. Where was my umbrella? Well, in the car of course. Where else would any self respecting umbrella be. 


No, that is not really my car or my umbrella. My umbrella is one of those cheap little pop up things that only works when it isn't raining, and besides, are there really people who actually slipcover their car seats.

I was too wet and soggy and upset over the Udis to take a photo of mine. So after 10 minutes of meditation in Trader Joe's parking lot, (yes, that was me. I'm sure you have seen weirder things) I drove home.

Where I found this.

Who said my day didn't have a happy ending!!



  1. There's always a silver lining if we look hard enough. Beautiful flower. I laughed over your Walmart comments.

  2. that beauty does make it all better, wow, amazing!

  3. I have noticed Trader Joes somehow never has in stock what you REALLY went there to get--in my case Almond Milk (20)----well the last time that happened I found another store that carried this item and guess what--it wasn't Walmart!!!!

  4. Love that lily color! And I'm glad that isn't your car-- way too clean to suit me!! ;)

  5. Laura... you are so funny!!! I share your frustration and many days of not having a thing to write about! I was going to compliment you on your organized car and the umbrella holder - that's a new one on me. I have an old fold up umbrella somewhere - never with me when it rains.

  6. Lol. Cute post. I never have an umbrella when I need it either. The color of that lily is gorgeous.

  7. Don’t you just love the blank look store mangers perfect in managers school? Now if you ask the guy in produce he knows where everything is or not, as the case may be.

  8. After days and days of rain, I have come to realize that none of our umbrellas work correctly.

    As to your question - yes, there are definitely days when I have no idea what to post.


  9. Laura I know those kind of days! Grrrrr! Still what a beautiful treat at the end of the day.

  10. Laura...I think we can all identify with that kind of day. I sure do! The prize at the end of the day was worth is though, wasn't it? Sooooo pretty. Susan

  11. That is gorgeous and would maybe take my crankiness away but maybe not all away.


  12. Don't judge me too harshly when I say I have no idea what Udi's bread is! I don't have a Trader Joes near me, so maybe that's why. I do grocery shop at Walmart though. I thought that umbrella storage thingy was so neat! Darn! I was hoping that was yours and you could tell me where you got it. I'm a gadget geek, so I would be one of those strange people that would have one of those (if I could). LOL! No, I don't slipcover my carseats either.

  13. A bright and brilliant end to the day.


  14. Isn't it nice that there's always something, even on our worst days, that can make us smile? Beautiful lily! Hugs, Leena


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