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Yes, I Know

Monday, May 7, 2012

It's Monday, and yes I know I always post shopping on Monday.

I could have done that today, but I was lazy last night. I had spent some of the afternoon shopping for flowers for the garden

and there are lots of them. 

I have already started to place some of them where they will be planted. These are giant begonias. (Boy, I need to hose all that grass off the side of the house)

and then planted a few things. I added some white impatiens and two perennial  geraniums to this bed. I think it is done. When the impatiens grow, they will fill out between the other perennials.

After that, I had to package up two big boxes, which I have to haul to the USPS today and so the rest of the night I was just lazy. 

I could have done the Etsy browsing this morning, but it was sooooo beautiful out and I wanted to watch the sun coming up over the secret garden. 

and the way the light filtered through the treetops.

and then two of the feral cats we feed, Smokey and Sammy came for breakfast. That's a bit of my penguin jammy bottoms in the corner. 

and then they had to have a nice drink of water.

So there are all my excuses for not doing my shopping on Etsy post today. Now half of the morning is gone and I need to try and plant some of the flowers before the big storms come this afternoon. 

Oh, and you can file this under way too much information and ick, ick, ick, Today is the last time I get to shave my legs for the next 4 1/2 weeks because of my knee surgery next week. There will be a big ritual leg shaving tonight and then you will not be seeing me in short pants anytime soon. 

 P.S. I definitiely like leaving you on a high note.


  1. Your gardens are looking great! I have decided not to plant anything until I return home from my next trip. Mr ALC tried to water but....
    Enjoy that last shave of the legs....I do understand! hugs, Linda

  2. I have veggies and herbs planted, but I really need to get busy with planting some flowers. Looks like you needed to get out of your normal routine and enjoy a little.

  3. Looks like you've been busy. Gardening is work, but also soothing.

  4. I finally broke down and bought 2 hanging baskets yesterday. I needed some sort of flower basket type thing growing in my yard. Our weather is so crazy right now I don't dare buy much more yet. I bet all of your planting will make for a great spot while you are healing from your knee surgery. I wouldn't mind not having to shave my legs. Enjoy!

  5. Your flowerbeds are going to look fabulous. I liked your hostas. I will be planting things this week. Smiles to you, Susie

  6. I think you made an excellent choice with what to do with your time. Etsy isn't going anywhere!

  7. I hope everything about your knee surgery goes very well! (things like I hope the doctor doesn't suffer from ADHD.) ;-) Seriously, I hope it's a huge success and that you get to shave your legs sooner you had hoped. lol

    all your springtime planting photos are so cheery!

  8. Hope the knee surgery goes well.

  9. I do hope your surgery goes well! Get out and enjoy while the weather is great!

  10. LOL- Laura- Well, sorry about the surgery. Should I send instructions for cornrowing the hair on your legs along with the little rubber bands that you will surely need?

    I like your day of gazing about and dreaming in your garden. It is good for the soul. xo Diana

  11. That photo of the secret garden and the sun is absolutely breath-taking! FYI, you can haave USPS pick up those packages at your front door at no extra charge. I ship items from my ebay account and I have an account with USPS online and they will pick it up. Best part is it's all free!
    Please keep us posted on your surgery. Enjoy those beautiful flowers!

  12. Sometimes we all just need to take it easy! I love that view of the sun coming up. Good luck with your surgery.


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