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Saturday, December 17, 2016


I have significantly cut down on my Christmas decor in my new small apartment, but I love decorating for the holidays so I still wanted it to be festive.

Christmas home decor country santa

I wanted to bring back decorations from my past, like some of the Santas I made 25 years ago,

Christmas country decor Santa

my Christmas village,

and vintage toys under a Norfolk pine tree that I will be keeping as a houseplant after the holidays are over.

vintage Christmas toys under the tree

I love the playfulness of these old favorites

country Christmas snowmen

and the wonderful traditional Christmas colors.

red gold Christmas balls antique dough bowl

I will be driving down to Atlanta on Friday to spend Christmas with my family. Can't wait.
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Thursday, December 8, 2016


Some days are just meant for staying home and hanging out in your PJs. 

For some reason this was one of those days. 

I hadn't planned for it to be, but when I woke up feeling just a little under the weather and knowing the high was only going to be 33 degrees, I decided what the heck.

My apartment is cozy and warm, I have warm pyjamas and slippers, and there is plenty of food. 

So I scrolled through my watch lists on Netflix and Hulu, got the kettle going, and settled in for a lazy day. I love British TV shows. I'm so lazy I even recycled some old photos.

The sun is shining through my windows, my Christmas decor is up (no I haven't taken any photos yet), and I have a few books to choose from if I get tired of TV.

It is definitely a PJ kind of day. 

Have you had one of those lately?

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Monday, December 5, 2016


In these stressful times we all need a place where we can go and find a sense of peace. 

A place where we can go and find serenity. 

That place differs for each of us.

It may be a spot in your home. The stillness of the woods. Standing by the ocean. A park bench. 

For me it is the florist and greenhouses that my grandfather built in 1902. As I have written about before, it is a place, 10 minutes from my home, that I can visit as often as I want.

It is a place that after so many years is showing its age, and that means that there is constant work to be done. Recently it was found that the front greenhouse, the show house, had structural issues. So major renovations were in order. 

Yesterday, on my way home from church, I stopped in to browse the annual artist and craft show that is held there. I also wanted to see the finished show house. 

I call this greenhouse Aunt Rose's greenhouse. It was Great Aunt Rose, who loved me so dearly as a child and instilled in me a love of antiques, that kept her birds here. 

It must have been warmer in there back in the day, but in recent years it has not been so warm in the cold months.

Now it is full of beautiful plants and flowers. The floor is heated and it is a cozy and inviting spot once again. I will be visiting often this winter when I need a break from the gray cold days.

My peaceful place. Come join me.

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P.S. More inspiration can be found here.
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