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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea

Seven years ago, I was given a wonderful gift on Halloween. My sweet granddaughter was born seven weeks early. She may have been little, but she started out as a fighter and has been going strong ever since.

From the minute she was born she stole my heart.

and from her first birthday

all the way up to her seventh birthday

she has kept it. Can there be any greater love than what we feel for our children and grandchildren?

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea. Wish I was there.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

too wet to play

For all my sweet friends who are dealing with Sandy today.

We are getting just the edge of the storm today and are expecting some rain mixed with snow. I know many of you are in the midst of it and I want you to know I am thinking of and praying for each of you.

With Love,

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shopping on a Monday

Fall has definitely arrived here in central Kentucky. We went from highs in the 80's to highs in the 40's within a couple of days. It's been a bit hard making the transition from shorts to winter jackets so quickly. But they've always said "If you don't like the weather around these parts, just wait a day, 'cause it'll change".

The good part is that after doing a little cleaning up in the garden yesterday, I had a good excuse to put my feet up and do some window shopping on Etsy. So grab a cup of coffee and let's do some shopping. After all, the way time is zipping by, Christmas will be here before you know it.

Don't forget to click on the price to see the item and the name of the shop to see more lovelies from the seller.

$52 from byjodi

$28 from Suite One Studio

$59 from Wild Ridge Design

$60 from Agnes Felt

52 EUR from karo Art

$7.50 from wit and whistle

$55 from Im SoVintage

Stay warm and cozy and to all my friends who are in the path of the big storm, please stay safe.

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the last flower

As I walked around my withering garden late yesterday, I was reminded of this sweet, but haunting poem from Robert Frost.

A Late Walk

When I go up through the mowing field,
The headless aftermath,
Smooth-laid like thatch with the heavy dew,
Half closes the garden path.

And when I come to the garden ground,
The whir of sober birds
Up from the tangle of withered weeds
Is sadder than any words

A tree beside the wall stands bare,
But a leaf that lingered brown,
Disturbed, I doubt not, by my thought,
Comes softly rattling down.

I end not far from my going forth
By picking the faded blue
Of the last remaining aster flower
To carry again to you. 
Robert Frost
I knew that it was time to say good bye to the summer 
garden. So today I will bundle up and work outside, pulling up 
the flowers, covering the chairs, and cleaning and storing the 
pots. Then I will come inside to sit by the fire and dream of 
next spring.

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Sunny Simple Sunday

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Keeping It Simple

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more difficult.  It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move swiftly in the opposite direction.”  –E.F. Schumacher

I was looking at my banner this morning and how it says I am living the simple vintage life. Am I really or am I allowing complexity and difficulty rule my life.

I wrote Wednesday about how I find it difficult to say no and that it is causing problems with my work at home situation. I was immediately tested on my resolve to say no and it worked. I was able to get more done, feel less exhausted, and cook dinner for four people. 

Today, though I realized that I need to decide what is most important in my life and eliminate the things that really don't matter. There are too many things cluttering up my life that I don't need. I don't want a lot of bells and whistles in my days. 

I need to let go of the things that I don't feel passionate about, because in the end those things will not serve me well. I really do like the simple life. I love rustic and worn, I love old, well loved antiques. I love the search for wonderful finds and sharing them in my Etsy shops and my new booth.

I want to spend more time enjoying life's simple pleasures. I love walking in the country and next spring after I get my other knee replaced, I intend to do a lot of that. 

I intend to clean and organize my work space, because the clutter and the disorganization are anxiety producing and time wasting.

I need to focus on the supportive people in my life and lovingly let go of those who are not.

I need to believe in me, because I am unique, as each of us is. I don't need to change to meet the approval of others. They need to respect me for who I am or move on.

Yes, times are hard. I am self employed in a difficult economy, but keeping it simple and liking myself will see me through.

All photos are from ImSoVintage the shop

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm Just A Girl.....

who can't say no....

I'm in a terrible fix.

Okay, this isn't exactly what I mean. I learned how to say no to that many years ago.

but, if you work for yourself and you work from home you probably know what I mean. This has been talked about thousands of times, but I still find it hard to say no to people when I am at home working.

They want my time. They need me.

There is no one else to help them and I want to be there for them. I really do, but I need to work. I have to support myself. What do I do? I feel like I am running through a deep woods.

My life as a baby boomer woman is so much different than my mother's. She has always been taken care of. She never worked outside the home and she never had any financial worries. Now her care taking has fallen on my shoulders. On top of that, I have an older sister who can't drive more than a couple of blocks because she gets confused about where she is. 

So yesterday, after running their errands and realizing I only had two hours until I needed to cook dinner, I decided it was time to set some ground rules. Once I have done the breakfast dishes, made my bed, helped my mom with any immediate concerns, I will be closeting myself in my room to work. It is not okay to disturb me unless it is an emergency. I will reappear at lunch and address any needs that have popped up. After that, I will return to my room to work for the rest of the afternoon.

I will take the time to go out thrifting and attending auctions. I will pay attention to my business.

WHEW!!! That was hard. Saying no is a difficult thing to do, but sometimes you just have to stop


and realize that you are important, too. I think there will be a lot less stress in my life if I do this. I will know that I am taking care of me, too.

and on a business note I have just added an ON SALE section to my ImSoVintage shop. You can find it here.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

listen up people

I have something very important to say and at age 3 1/2 months I know an awful lot.

First of all Mama and Papa made me wear this silly bear outfit. I lay there like a slug. It was my only defense.

I did enjoy my first camping trip. We stayed in this neat yurt.

It was right on a lake so there was lots of water, but let's face it, the only liquid I am interested in is milky.

I spent most of the weekend being jealous of my big sister's neat hairdo. I can't figure out why they won't do this with mine.

Well, another day is over and still I haven't seen Nana for two months. I guess I'll just hug my dolly and think about a nap.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Shopping on a Monday

Do you wake up on Monday feeling a need for an extra yawn. I know I do, and I'm not sure why as I am self employed and work pretty much seven days a week. I wonder if it is a holdover from school days when the dreaded Monday made you want to snuggle back down in your warm bed for a few more hours of sleep.

Well, Monday is here so that means its time for another day of Shopping on Monday. 

I just want to let you know that I have been getting lectured lately about not promoting my own business enough. That, as it is how I support myself, I need to get it out there front and center. (I think it is a holdover idea from my childhood, where I was taught it isn't nice to blow your own horn) So I will be including one of my items in the list each Monday and I will also be sharing them with you from time to time. I don't want Sister Mary rapping me on the knuckles with her ruler.

So without further ado, grab that second cup of coffee (come on you know you want to) and enjoy today's wonderful finds.

Don't forget to click on the price below each item to see it on Etsy and the name of the shop for more lovelies from the seller.

old farmhouse cottage kitchen stool

$35 from Jody's Vintage

twig grapevine garland

$4.99 from A Gift From Nature

The Little Skipper by G Manville Fenn
$14 from marybethhale

vegan apple soap

$5.25 from Homemade Soap N Such

1920's jadeite gas stove

$1200 from Floridaze

turquoise brown pottery serving bowl

$28 from Curly Girlie Designs

antique ornate framed photo

$62 from ImSoVintage

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

the threads of life

Happy Sunday, Sweet Friends!

Each of you is woven into my life.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

getting it together

I am trying to get some decorating done for a Halloween get together. I love bringing out the decorations and deciding where to place them

There are witches who cackle as you walk by

antique coal scuttles to be filled

birds in old cages

and spooky houses

It's a gloomy cold day here today, which explains why the photos aren't the clearest, but it's a perfect day to sip hot apple cider and get my house dressed up for Halloween.

Linking today with:
A Favorite Thing Saturday

Have you got your spooky on yet?

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

should I?

I've often thought about starting up a blog party of my own. 

no, I didn't mean I would be partying by myself. well, maybe I would be


There is something infinitely creepy about that picture.

I've thought of some great ideas.

How about Melodious Monday. 

Wouldn't that be great?

We could all make videos of ourselves singing (No shower scenes, please) and share them once a week.

The only problem is that after the first week of you hearing me singing, the party would be over.

Okay, moving right along to the next idea.

How about Tattered Tuesdays,

It would be all about our closet stories. We could share things we are sending or need to send to Goodwill. But, how many times can we clean out our closets?

Idea number three.

Wash it Wednesday


How exciting would it be to watch everyone's laundry going round and round and round....See, I was completely mesmerized.

That brings us to Turbulent Thursday.

That's when we see what people's rooms really look like (well at least my rooms)


are these the future decorators of tomorrow? 'cause I'm feeling a bit concerned.

That brings us to the Finally it's Friday blog hop,


That's where everyone breathes a collective sigh of relief that Laura's blog parties are finally over.

Maybe I better leave the party planning to someone else for now. 

I thought about linking this post to a bunch of parties, but for some reason I was banned. Hmmmmm!!!!

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