Saturday, August 15, 2020


Well, I had planned to post last week. Since I started posting just once a week I have been writing my post on Fridays, but last Friday there were a few things that got in my way.

My brakes had started to squeal a little a few days before and I planned to drop my car off at the mechanic around the corner that morning.

Doctor Visit:

Unfortunately that got sidelined when there was blood in my urine that morning. I called my doctor's office, but she has been cut back to two days a week because of covid and there was no one else in that office that day that could see me. 

The woman I talked to did find me an appointment that afternoon with a doctor in another one of their offices. I definitely needed my car to get there so I figured I would take it in the next day.

About a mile from the doctor's my brakes started making a terrible grinding noise. I managed to get to my appointment, go through the covid screening, and see the doctor, who I named the nutty professor. My urinalysis showed infection, but he wanted to send it off to have it cultured before he gave me an antibiotic. Of course it was the weekend. 

The Car Ordeal:

My next task was to call AAA for a tow truck and text my daughter to see if my son-in-law could come and drive me home. He could. Forty five minutes later the tow truck arrived with a driver who was not wearing a mask and kept getting in my personal space. I finally had to ask him to please keep his distance. What is wrong with people? Covid is raging here in Atlanta. 

Saturday, when I hadn't heard from my mechanic by noon I called to see what was going on. He said he had spoken to someone, a man, who told him to go ahead with the work. WHAT??? There is no man here. I asked him if the man had given him his credit card. 

It seems my right front brake line had broken and the left front brake had been doing all of the work. I had to get two new rotors, new pads, a new brake line, etc. etc. YIKES!!! You can only imagine what that set me back. I offered up my youngest grandchild (Tessa), but apparently her reputation preceded her because they declined. 

The Rest Of The Story:

The nutty professor messaged me to say there was bacteria in my urine, but it was up to me if I wanted an antibiotic or not. Okay, when did I become the doctor? I opted out because I don't like to be on too many antibiotics and I had just had one two months ago for another UTI. 

Later that day I heard from my regular doctor who was not pleased with that and wanted me on an antibiotic. I was feeling a bit cranky by that point and tried digging in my heels. However, my heels were a bit slippery and I finally agreed to the antibiotic Tuesday. By Wednesday, when it was finally called in to the pharmacy I was glad because I think the infection was worse. 

So, the story ends with me spending Wednesday afternoon porch sitting with my two daughters, while the grandchildren were out of town with their other grandparents and I am now being a good patient (sort of) and relaxing at home.

I definitely feel like I deserve a cookie. Don't even ask how much Covid weight I have put on. 


  1. You and me both with the weight. I haven't weighed myself. Have no idea where the scales are, but my clothing is tighter. I think there's going to be a lot of weight gain with this Covid thing. I'm so glad you got to spend special alone time with your two daughters.

  2. I think we all need to get into a Covid support group for gaining weight. I know I have put on the lbs and am trying hard to get off the sugar. That is the worse for me. I would rather have carbs than protein any day. Then add emotional eating and there you go!!!! Glad you're awful week with the car and the UTI are getting to a better place. I laughed through reading your post and saw your sense of humor come out with relaying the sad story. Sometimes it is better to chose humor over crying! Let's hope the weekend will be better and you will begin to feel better on the antibiotic. Hugs. Kris

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about all your struggles. Even in the best of times that is a lot to handle. Glad you are through it and stay on the mend.
    And yes, this world is CRAZY out there thinking that the virus is not much to worry about. Keep up all your protective precautions. I follow the same measures. If everyone did as we do we would have through this long ago. I live in Gwinnett county and have been hibernating and will continue to do so.

  4. Eat your yogurt (the ones without sugar that is!). When I take antibiotics, I take extra probotics and eat lots of yogurt! Hope you will start feeling better. You had quite a day (week) there! Sorry for the brake problem. I learned long ago that if I hear a noise, even small, I get the car in right away, as I let that "little noise" go too long and my entire transmission went out! The guy said if I would have brought it in sooner, it would have only been about a $150 fix.. as it was, was over $1200! Ouch and double ouch. Trouble is, my hubby is half deaf, so if I say I hear a noise, he doesn't hear it.... now that causes problems in and of itself. Heal and get well fast! Marilyn

  5. Oh My, what a week you had! Glad to know you are on the mend (if a bit pocket poorer) and had a visit with your daughters. I agree with Marilyn about the probiotics when using antibiotics..drs often recommend them too. Loving the flower pics you've included.

  6. You had quite a week. There is nothing much more miserable than a full-blown UTI. Mine come on quickly and are really hard to get under control. Crazy!
    I hope you have a better week and that you don't have any more car problems. Diana

  7. Laura, Go ahead and eat the damn pack (You deserve it)...for crying in a bucket, what ever happened to G.P.'s who could do it all? Drs. are not what they used to be. I love good caring thoughtful drs. But what is going on? Why would AAA ever let someone show up without a mask....I am sure most customers wore one. I just will go ahead and scream for you. YIKES !! You make me laugh about Tessa. LOL. Blessings to you honey, hope you are better. xoxo, Susie

  8. I'm thinking you deserve a cookie and an ice cream cone. That's too much 'stuff' in one week. Take care of yourself - healing hugs!


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