Saturday, May 9, 2020


Just a quick post today. 

I wanted to give you an update on Trixie, because just like that there were three. 

After hatching two chicks last week. Trixie continued to sit on her eggs and Monday she hatched a third little baby. She is a little yellow chick, much like Trixie was a year ago, and Tessa who immediately fell in love with her named her Lemon. 

Tessa's drawing

The other three eggs didn't hatch, but Trixie is no longer a lonely chicken as she has her new little family to take care of. 

I think the plan for today is that I am going to go spend some time visiting with my two daughters. We will of course be social distancing outside and as it is supposed to be only a high of 61 this afternoon it might seem a little chilly.

Afterwards I will swing by for a quick visit with my grandchildren. I am so grateful for every time that I get to see them. 

On another note I have a sneaking suspicion that someone hacked into my online grocery list.

Have a great weekend.


  1. So funny! Love Trixie, wish I could have chickens, but no, here in town. Lemon is a perfect name.

  2. What a treat for Tessa! I am sure it is so exciting for her to see the little chicks, especially sweet Lemon! Happy Mothers Day to you, Laura. So nice you will see your family this weekend. My children have set up a "virtual family reunion" so I will get to see them on my computer!

  3. Lemon is adorable. Trixie did a great job of nesting with them to get them to hatch. Have a beautiful day tomorrow Laura. Happy Mother's Day.

  4. Oh how sweet they are! I've tried to convince my daughter to get chickens but she refuses. Tessa is quite the budding artist!

  5. How sweet and look at Tessa's drawing. I love it. I always loved chickens except when I had to collect eggs from under the MEAN hens. Lemon is a heart-stealer. Happy Mother's Day, sweet friend. xo Diana


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